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Polyhouse cost for 1 acre in India, Polyhouse Construction, temperature maintenance inside polyhouse

India is the fourth largest agriculture-dependent country. This holds almost 16 to 20% of Indian GDP.  But still, the condition of small and average farmers is not so satisfying. They are not earning much profit. Agriculture is the only sector where the percentage of profit is lowest in last 40 years in all the working sectors in India.                Polyhouse farming is an ecofriendly and most important modern factor of farming. It is best known for use in opposite weather and climate condition.  In this article, you are going to get the information about polyhouse farming and way of practicing it with some helpful key points to resolve some problems of farmers . Polyhouse cost for one acre in India If you already have land of one acre, then the main cost of polyhouse depends on the platform material, irrigation arrangements, exhaust, fertilizers, seeds and some equipments. The government provides a subsidy to farmers (around 40 to 50%), But first, you have to invest in polyhouse by

Modern Sugarcane Planting methods, Trench, Flat, Ring-Pit, and STP methods

According to global report,  more than 1.9 billion tons sugarcane produced per year. Brazil is most sugarcane producer in the world with 39% of total tons. second largest producer of sugarcane is India with 20%. A healthy fully grown sugarcane plant has 12 to 16% of sugar. It means one litre sugarcane juice produce 70 to 130 gm of raw sugar.  Modern Sugarcane Planting Methods Sugarcane plant  looks like  maize  plant but different in output production.  Sugarcane cultivation  starts  in the month of november december and harvested in the month of march to april.  Types of sugarcane seed cuttings  Less sucrose portion or more glucose holding portion(upper green) of the sugarcane plant, best for seed cuttings. On this basis, we get generally three types of sugarcane cuttings as following-  1. One-eyed-  One-eyed cutting has only one sprout potential or in simple words, it only has one node.  These types of cutting mainly use in the trench method and flat method. Almost 70% of one-eyed se