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Lawn care in winter(USA), treatment, mowing, overseeding, and lawn aeration in USA

Commonly, the winter season affects the lawn grass badly. Most of the grasses turn brown and slightly golden during the winter and some of their varieties start to lose their lives. Climate conditions, selection of lawn grass variety, soil health, and proper care are some of the basic factors that are responsible for lawn grass health in winter.  You can treat and care your lawn by yourself in winter but for that, you should be aware of the basics of lawn grass. Here, you will understand the methods of treatment of lawngrass in winter, how to do observation, and some theoretical solutions. Lawn care in winter in the USA  You can't start treatment or care of your lawn without any observation of requirements and unnecessary things. So your first step should start with the initial observation of the lawn.  Lawn condition observation and analysis in winter For basic observation and analysis, you should make a chart of comparison of requirements, and the initial and current condition of

How to grow Bluegrass in lawn in USA, winter care and treatment

We don't have so many grass varieties for lawn grass that grows in winter regions. Certainly, you can't grow either native summer lawn grass or foreign summer grass in winter regions in the USA. For even climate(cold particularly), we need to grow winter-friendly grass that can grow in low temperatures.   Bluegrass is one of those few types of grasses that grow in such climate conditions. It can handle lower temperatures and grow easily below 15 degrees Celcius. Although higher temperatures above 20 degrees Celcius are not good for the Bluegrass lawn. Let's understand all the aspects and processes of growing and maintaining Bluegrass on lawns. Bluegrass lawn in USA  Bluegrass is a winter grass that is very ideal for lawns in cold areas. Bluegrass leaf blades are narrow and curved in length. It can become tall up to 18 cm in height. Bluegrass leaves use as animal pasture, compost making, poultry feed, etc. Let's understand the overall performance of bluegrass in lawn in

Aspects of 'St Augustine grass Vs Bermuda grass' in USA, comparison, and their lawn performances

For lawn grass-loving people, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between Bermuda grass and St Augustine grass.  St Augustine grass has bigger wide leaves that get folded in lack of water. These leaves sometimes look dark green in ideal conditions and look light green in lack of moisture.  Let's compare St Augustine grass with Bermuda grass and understand their performance on the lawn. St Augustine grass Vs Bermuda grass in USA St Augustine grass and Bermuda  grass have some differences as well as some similarities. Let's understand them one by one. Differences between St Augustine grass and Bermuda grass Following are some major differences between St Augustine grass and Bermuda grass- Performance in summer In even summer(warm climate throughout the year), St Augustine is quite ideal grass for lawns. It can handle shady conditions with 30% sunlight for 5 hours a day.  Bermuda grass is good summer season lawn grass but can't handle shady conditions as much as St Augustine g

Bermuda grass Vs Zoysia grass in USA and their performances in lawn

Before selecting the variety of lawn grass, we have many questions in mind that how ideal the grass is according to the particular climate conditions. Sometimes, we want to grow grass that has qualities of low maintenance, easy growing, thick, shiny, easy mowing, healing capacity, etc.  Many people compare Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass for the lawn in the USA. Here, we are going to understand the differences and similarities between Bermuda and Zoysia so you can select one of them for your lawn. Bermuda grass Vs Zoysia grass in USA Let's understand what are the differences and similarities between Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass.  Major differences between Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass Following are some of the major differences between Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass- Aeration  Aeration is very important on every lawn. Zoysia grass asks for more aeration in the summer season. Zoysia grass grows slowly initially. So it needs a boost in growth by aeration. You should not aerate the

Bermuda grass in the lawn in USA, winter care tips, overseeding, aeration, mowing, and brown spots(dormant)

Bermuda grass is one of the native grass in the USA for lawns and Golf fields. It is spongy, fast-growing, dark green grass that like higher temperatures. Even direct sunlight of 6 to 10 hours doesn't damage Bermuda grass if you maintain proper moisture.  Bermuda grass can invade all the empty nearer areas on the lawn or in empty fields if it gets proper moisture and direct sunlight.   Let's understand Bermuda grass and its performance in various seasons on lawn and golf fields. Bermuda grass lawn and care in winter in USA Let's understand the behaviour of Bermuda grass in various seasons throughout the year first- Bermuda grass in winter In even climate conditions(mostly summer), Bermuda grass grows almost the same during the winter season(12 to 15 degrees Celcius). In odd climates, it is challenging to remain green throughout the year for Bermuda grass.  In cold winters, Bermuda grass get dormant and starts to turn into brown grass which is called dry Bermuda grass.  Gene

'Organic' Backyard vegetable garden in USA, design, idea, planting, process, cost per square foot in USA

It is good to utilise your empty lawn space or backyard in a vegetable garden, particularly an organic and sustainable vegetable garden.  It is not easy for a beginner to handle and make a vegetable garden perfectly or with fewer mistakes. So let's understand here, how to make a quality vegetable garden in your backyard with organic materials so you can run it throughout the year and fulfill all your needs for favorite vegetables. Organic backyard vegetable garden in USA Backyard vegetable garden design It is quite obvious that no one wants a messed-looking vegetable garden in their backyard. There should be proper management of various plants growing, transplantation, open galleries, irrigation system, and low maintenance in the vegetable garden in the backyard.  Here, you will get a garden design in pieces so you can arrange them according to your comfort. Also, one suitable garden design too- Area division for distinct vegetables Consider a 50-square meter area as your backyard.

Tips for Buffalo grass lawn care in USA, dormant Buffalo grass, weeding, and mowing

Buffalo grass is a very effective, native choice lawn grass in the USA because of its color, low maintenance, reliability, and ability to survive. Even buffalo grass can survive shade for 15 to 18 hours in a day. Buffalo grass can handle both higher temperatures as well as very lower temperatures.  Let's understand how to care for buffalo grass of lawn in USA while different growing stages. Buffalo grass lawn care in USA Before  the care of buffalo grass in lawn, let's understand how does buffalo grass look like and quality of buffalo grass- What is Buffalo grass?  Buffalo grass leaves grow on a purple horizontal stem. These stems can be long up to 12 inches. Each stem has multiple bunches of leaves on a gap. These leaves are dark green and soft.  Even in case of least water availability, buffalo grass can live for several years. Although buffalo grass doesn't need too much care it is important to do basic care of buffalo grass to make your lawn green with buffalo grass thr

Avocado farming in garden pots, requirements, process of growing, season, and harvesting

Avocado is one of those fruits that you can consume almost daily. It has multiple health benefits including improving heart health, blood pressure, fiber, vitamin C, B, K, and potassium. The buttery texture of avocado is very tasty to eat and healthy as well. Avocado plants are possible to grow in general places and even possible to grow in odd climate conditions.  Let's understand how can you grow avocado plants in your garden.  Avocado farming in pots First of all, you need to understand that avocado fruits grow on avocado trees. When we say we are going to grow them in pots, it simply means that for the initial growth of avocado, we use pots to make a perfect plant. Let's start to understand the growth of avocados in pots for your garden. Season of growing avocado In India, avocado farming starts in the spring season. You can start avocado farming from the end of February to end of the March. It is not bad to grow avocado in the late spring season.   Once your avocado plant

Lawn moss removing in USA, Causes, and treatment of moss affected areas in lawn

It is very common that many times lawn grass either gets dead or it gets moss. In both cases, either you use don't irrigate your lawn grass properly or you don't have a proper drainage system. There are multiple reasons for moss on the lawn. People get frustrated because of lawn moss but it is not harmful. Although there are many disadvantages of lawn moss it is not harmful to humans or animals. Let's understand why moss appears on lawn grass? And how can we demoss lawn with and without using chemical moss killers?  Moss in lawn removal and treatment of affected area in USA What causes moss on the lawn? Moss is a sign of disturbance in soil health, lack of drainage system, and a shady atmosphere.  It is seen that moss can appear due to single or multiple reasons. But a common reason for moss on the lawn is overmoisture. Moisture is related to both mosses appearing causes like soil situation and shady atmosphere.  Acidic soil is very bad for the lawn because its combination

Growing Bonnie spider plant indoor in USA, requirements, process of growing, and care in USA

Daily smoking inside, stove gases, dust, and bad management decrease the air quality indoors. People believe that it doesn't affect their lives and they become careless just by opening the windows. In reality, it is not 100% clean and improves air quality indoors.  Researchers found few indoor plants to deal with polluted and unfiltered air indoors. Spider plants are one of those few indoor plants that grow slowly but maintain the air quality in the room. Spider plants are good-looking home decor plants as well. Note : Here, we are going to use the 'spider plant' term for the whole 'bonnie spider plant' in the rest of the content. So don't get confused with it. Indoor Bonnie spider plant in USA Bonnie is a variety of spider plant that has curly leaves compared to other spider plant varieties.   Scientifically we call it ' Chlorophytum comosum ' Bonnie spider plant leaves are green with white strips and hang towards the bottom. It can grow with 1.5 to 2