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Sustainable poultry farming in USA, project report, requirements, and outcomes of sustainability

It is not common on present poultry farms to make poultry farms sustainable. At ground level, most poultry farmers ignore the scope of poultry farming because of the success of the poultry business.  Surprisingly, there are less than 1% poultry farms that are highly sustainable. Sustainable poultry farming in USA Some experts criticize sustainable farming as they said that it is not applicable everywhere. Either we can agree with them or we can oppose them. But practically we try to find ways to make things closer to sustainability(even in the least chances of sustainability).  People expect sustainability a complex process. In reality, it is not complex but a bit more time-consuming. Let's understand the sustainability of poultry farming. Is it possible to make poultry farming sustainable in USA? Well, we can make 75% to 90% of poultry farms sustainable. It is because we need vaccines for chickens, poultry farming sheds, and poultry farming tools to manage the other works of poult

Regenerative agriculture, soil regeneration techniques, regenerative farming techniques, and sustainability

It is not good to generalize a problem if it is related to a particular incident or person. But in agricultural practices, it can be generalized that we have a global problem to face in the upcoming future regarding natural resources.  In agriculture, our current practices(in most countries) are not sustainable. We have to face and will continue to face problems like least soil fertility, soil erosion, disturbed natural eco-system, most dependency on animal meat, least natural resources for future generations, etc.  Regenerative agriculture is a solution to such problems. We will discuss here the actual problems and their solutions with the explanation of regenerative agriculture. Regenerative farming and soil regeneration  Let's discuss what is regenerative agricultural practices, techniques, and their importance for sustainability.  What is regenerative farming? It is a bit complex to explain regenerative farming in a line or a definition. Practically, regenerative farming includ

Sustainable dairy farming, project report, investment, and estimated profit margin

We have to face major challenges in the upcoming future regarding natural energy sources, water sources, agricultural land, quality products, etc. Continuous overuse of available natural resources is creating the main problems.  Without any plan to sustain in the future, it will create humongous problems in front of human-related to his daily life.  We need a sustainable farming system that can help us to sustain ourselves in the future. Let's understand the sustainable dairy farming system. Sustainable dairy farming In many countries, people adopt a simple business structure. Well, that is all right but they ignore the importance and scope of just more with their business structure. For example, people do dairy farming business for milk mainly.  They sell it and also sell cows to earn profit but they ignore the rest of the resources they have in the same context. Cow dung is very important as it can use to make biogas, fertilizers, etc.  Principle of sustainable dairy farming  Sus

7 Most profitable farming in Florida(USA) 2022, yield, investment, and profit per acre

Although there are many seasonal crops, vegetables, and non-food crops in agriculture, most of them mainly purpose to fulfill the primary need for food. Because of living priorities, it is not possible to earn high profits from such crops.  Is that mean the crops are not profitable? There are specific crops that are highly profitable. According to geography, there are different crops for different regions.  Let's talk about some of the highly profitable farming crops in Florida(USA). Most profitable farming yield in Florida(USA) 2022 Let's understand the crops that don't ask for high investment as well as that ask for high investment.  We selected some of the highly profitable crops but if and only if farmers grow them with proper training, care, and management. Wasabi farming in Florida Wasabi farming is one of the most profitable crops in the world. Wasabi is an underground growing stem that grows horizontally. It tastes spicy flavor and uses in  Wasabi takes 18 months to

Commercial organic compost farm in Eastern Cape(South Africa), investment, and profit margin with project report

Currently, organic farming is not established in South Africa. People are moving towards organic farming. There are not so many popular brands that sell high-quality organic compost in the market. This is the right time for organic farmers to establish an organic compost-making farm.  Let's understand the requirements and estimation of investment and profit in a 5,000 square meter area. Organic compost making farm in Eastern Cape(South Africa) Requirements to make an organic compost farm in a 5,000 square meter area Land requirement You can easily make organic compost on non-agriculture land. It will cost you less than agricultural land. To start an organic compost farm, you need space for making, managing, and for storing organic compost.  So, you need a 5,000 square meter non-agricultural area.  Open walls but roof shelter It is better to make organic compost in the open air. To save the compost from heavy sunlight and rain, you need at least a roof over the compost collection.  

Is Organic Farming profitable in South Africa?

Although people practice on more than 35% of the total land of South Africa as agricultural land. In comparison to this, organic farming is very small in numbers perspective.   Let's understand the scope of organic farming and Is organic farming profitable in South Africa. Is organic farming profitable in South Africa? Let's understand first the recent growth of organic farming and contribution in South African economy and then we will understand the interest of farmers and profit in organic farming. Per annum organic growth in South Africa In South Africa, more than 30% of the population is rural. 2.5% of South African GDP is agriculture-dependent. This is a very small percentage for a country like South Africa.  There are not many options to make a change in South African agriculture structure and techniques.  Although on a fundamental level, it is possible to make a shift from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. It can improve soil fertility and is good for sustaina

Eco friendly farming, techniques, and Importance in sustainable agriculture

With the curent rate of global development, most people are unaware of the problems we are going to face in the future because we are making everything comfortable. In the upcoming future, we are going to face(facing some of them currently) major problems like energy sources, soil conservation, water conservation, and forest conservation. We are losing natural resources very fast and soon we will face the impact of it in our daily life.  We have to deal with these problems and encourage and implement the eco-friendly methods of agriculture and energy sources to sustain in future. Let's understand the eco-friendly techniques of agriculture. Eco-friendly farming and techniques  Let's understand the eco-friendly techniques of agriculture. Eco-friendly farming techniques Following are some eco-friendly farming techniques that can make a change in the global problems regarding the conservation and to sustain natural resources Organic agriculture  Organic farming is very different fr

Bahiagrass lawn in USA, requirements to grow, process of growing, advantages, and disadvantages of bahiagrass

In the North American continent, Bahiagrass is very popular than anywhere else in the world. The USA is also a country where people are familiar with bahiagrass.  It is easy to grow bahiagrass either on your lawns or in the garden. There are some advantages and disadvantages too of bahiagrass. We will talk about them later but first, we will understand the requirements and process of growing bahiagrass. Let's understand the above one by one.  Bahiagrass Lawn in USA Bahiagrass is one of those few types of grasses that has multiple uses. It can use in lawns, pastures, and making compost. It grows in acidic soil but in the further period, it faces odd conditions even the drought. Bahiagrass can tolerate high temperatures. Let's understand how to grow Bahiagrass on your lawn or empty land. Here, we are starting with the requirements first- Requirements to grow bahiagrass in lawn(USA) Soil preparation Plowing and cleaning the soil Although bahiagrass can grow in the least ideal cond

Precision farming, components, working technology, advantages and disadvantages, scope in rural India

Every year, millions of liters of water, tonnes of fertilizers, and pesticides use in agriculture. Every farmer knows the approximate figure for using the amount of these. But practically, people use an unnecessary amount of the components of agriculture. This is not good for sustainable agriculture.  Precision farming helps to overcome the problem and reduce the wastage of water, fertilizers, and pesticides and save money and time. Let's discuss how it works. Precision farming and technology  Let's start from starting. Let's understand the working of precision farming and then move on to the technology use in precision farming.  What is precision farming? Precision farming is a modern agriculture technique that helps to improve the overall productivity of crops by making precise data and predictions regarding soil needs, plant growth, and weather. Working of precision farming Precision farming collects the sample data of soil and generalizes it by mapping soil, land, and m

Commercial Greenhouse farming in Eastern Cape(SA), making cost, requirements, investment, second-hand greenhouse in South Africa

In those region, where traditional farming is not effective, should try the modern methods of agriculture.  In South Africa, the number of people is increased those are taking interest in greenhouse farming in the last 10 years. Many people want to practice the greenhouse farming at commercial level but they don't have any estimation of investment cost and profit. Let's have an overview of making a greenhouse at commercial level in South Africa. Commercial greenhouse farming in Eastern Cape (SA) Before getting the estimation of investment cost, let's understand the requirements and features of making greenhouses.  Types of making greenhouse(1500 square feet) Here, we mentioned the requirements to make both type one and type two greenhouses. Type one greenhouse and type two greenhouse are almost the same but their structure is of a different material.  Type one greenhouse is made of a metal frame and glass walls, type two greenhouse is made of a wooden frame and poly sh