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Chavang kut harvest festival of Manipur 2021, date and events

Do you know how many Indians or people globally celebrate harvest festivals like other religious festivals? There is a very small number of people who celebrate or enjoy harvesting/agriculture like other traditional or religious festivals.   Currently, only a few harvesting festivals left, celebrated in local communities of various regions according to their tradition. Maybe, it depends on their tradition or wealth in agriculture.  Chavang Kut festival of Manipur Kut festival is one of those harvest festivals that celebrates in North-East India, especially in Manipur.  Kut festival doesn't celebrate with hardcore rules and regulations.  It is a simple local and traditional festival which celebrate after every seasonal harvesting.  Types of Kut festival Traditionally, the Chin-Muki-Mizo community celebrates this festival in various regions of Northern-Eastern India.  'Kut' is a local word that means 'harvest'. There are several types of Kut festival those celebrated

Aloe Vera yield per acre, investment, profit and reasons of failure and hesitation

Despite, the high demand for Aloe vera, its cultivation, and availability in the market is not enough. Aloe vera products demand is increasing day by day but the rate of cultivation is not similar.  In India, Aloe vera farming is getting more popular, so farmers have the opportunities to have aloe vera cultivation.  But practically, most of the farmers don't practice  Aloe vera farming, because of their profit interest and lack of awareness towards aloe vera.  To make things simple and clear, let's understand aloe vera farming yield, investment, and profit per acre.  Aloe vera yield per acre One acre land area(4046 sq meters) is enough for more than 16000 Aloe vera plants.  For per square meter, 4 Aloe vera plants cover the land. So, one-acre of land can help to grow 16000 Aloe vera plants.  After 8 to 10 months, one plant will produce  total 4 to 5 kg aloe vera leaves. Then in next three batches plant will  produce 2.5 to 3.5 kg aloe vera leaves. 16000 plants in one acre will

Onion farming yield per hectare, investment, and profit per hectare

In countries like India, there are several reasons of vary in onion prices. Before mentioning those reasons, let's understand the basic principle of it. Onion farming profit depends on quality of  onions, yield, and the demand of onions in market. If onion is enough in market then profit will be little lesser and vice versa. In India, every year hundreds of quintals of onions waste because of storage and management lack.    To understand the onion yield in a hectare land, first you have to understand structure and project of cultivation.  Onion farming yield per hectare In 1 Hectare(10000 square meters) agriculture land, produced onions yield most of the time varies. This number can't be certain all the time but there is a range between 100 to 120 quintals/hectare/yield.   Let's understand how this number can calculate or report direct from the cultivation side.  Configuration of onion plants Line to line, plant distance must be near 25 to 30 cm, plant to plant distance mus

Rathi cow/cattle, price, breed identity, and milk per day in India

Most people believe in foreign cow breeds to start a dairy farming business like Jersey cow, HF cows, etc.  Low milk production is the reason which forces them to go with non-deshi cows. But later, overall investment in caring, feeding, and vaccination, foreign cows cost more than deshi and overall profit come near deshi cow profit in the same lactation period.  Rathi cow/cattle Rathi cow is one of the most underrated cow breeds in India. It has a mixed identity of Sahiwal, Gir, and a little bit Tharparkar. Sometimes, Rathi cow produces the same quantity of milk as Sahiwal does.  How to identity Rathi breed cow? Rathi cow produces enough milk even only dependency on dry fodder and almost zero green fodder which is tremendous.  Following factors are important to identify Rathi cow- Color - Rathi cow doesn't available in a particular color, instead, she is available in a mix of color patches. They can be black with white patches, brown with white patches, muddy with cream patches, an