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Layer farming project report, business plan for 10000 birds, requirements, investment, and profit in egg layer farming

Every day more than 30 million eggs are consumed by people globally and 13.1 billion eggs per month Egg is become one of the best choices in the 21st century to cover the lack of protein in the body.  People are using eggs in their breakfast, lunch, and gym diet. People consume eggs in two different ways; boiling and frying. Layer farming is different from  chicken farming for meat. Layer farming project report Let us understand first about the layer farming and its working principle.  What is layer farming? Layer farming is a method of producing chicken eggs by farming which is used as a business on a very large scale to fulfill the demand of people.  This kind of business has a very large investment which is included with housing for chickens, layer platforms, feeding, water, electricity, anti-fungal infection medicine. Layer farming investment for 10,000 birds Before getting into layer farming business, it  will be good for you to  understand the basic investment of layer farming. I