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Layer farming project report, business plan for 10000 birds, requirements, investment, and profit in egg layer farming

Every day more than 30 million eggs are consumed by people globally and 13.1 billion eggs per month Egg is become one of the best choices in the 21st century to cover the lack of protein in the body.

 People are using eggs in their breakfast, lunch, and gym diet. People consume eggs in two different ways; boiling and frying.

Layer farming is different from chicken farming for meat.

Layer farming project report

Let us understand first about the layer farming and its working principle. 

What is layer farming?

Layer farming is a method of producing chicken eggs by farming which is used as a business on a very large scale to fulfill the demand of people. 

This kind of business has a very large investment which is included with housing for chickens, layer platforms, feeding, water, electricity, anti-fungal infection medicine.

Layer farming investment for 10,000 birds

Before getting into layer farming business, it  will be good for you to  understand the basic investment of layer farming.

Investment for 1st year

One time investment (considering you already have a land) 

In one-time investment, fundamental priorities are 

  • Housing(for 70x70 =4900 square meters)- 1000000 INR
  • Layerwise platforms- 1000000 INR
  • Chicken cost- 50000 INR
  • Electricity connection - 25000 INR
  • Water pipe system- 800000 INR

Regular investment Per year

  • chicken feed for 10000 birds
  1. 400000 INR/month
  2.  3000000 INR/year
  • Antifungal medicines and regular checkups - 100000 INR/year
  • water consumption - 80000 INR/year
  • Electricity bill-
  1. 6000/month
  2. 72000/year 

Components of egg

Eggs have two fundamental elements; Eggs white and Egg yolk. Egg white is total protein and egg yolk is mostly fat and less in protein. 

It contains copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium.

Layer poultry farm

It was debatable for a long time since the discussion on 'the life-taking act' by consuming eggs of a bird, especially of the hen. In modern times, scientists have found the solution of producing non-fertilized eggs. Unfertilized eggs are those eggs that have only hen's genetics. 
Rooster and hen both involve in the reproduction of fertilized eggs which can birth a new life, but for unfertilized eggs only hens genetics are involved.
Vegetarian people don't involve eggs in their diet. Several birds produce eggs but every type of egg is not eatable or eaten by people. Mostly chicken and duck eggs are most popular as a protein diet.

10000 birds Layer Poultry Farming project business plan

If you want to start a layer farming business then you have to select the best breed of chicken(a hen) when they are at least one month of age. 
Chickens start to fertile eggs from 6 months of their age.
In countries like India, mainly broiler hens eggs are popular because country hen's eggs are three times costly than broiler eggs. 
There are several hen's breeds in the world like Aseel, Freezle, Rhode island red, white leghorn, barred Plymouth rock, etc. 
These breeds produce at least 200+ eggs at least in a year.

Requirements to start layer farming business

Let's discuss what are the requirements to make a 10,000 birds egg layer farm

Housing and layer platforms designing

One of the most important factors that decide your age in the animal farming business is the housing shelter. 

If your housing of hens is not satisfactory then, it is not going to be a perfect business model.

You must understand that Housing depends on your number of chickens(a hen). For 10000 chickens a total 70x70 (4900 to 5000 ) square meter area is required.

The ordinary model is to make a layerwise Platform for 100 chickens in set which has 5 base layers and each layer have space for 0 chickens each. 

Every single platform should have a rectangular or square cage. This cage system is designed in a way that when chickens produce eggs the egg slide through and ready to collect in the cage bottom.

Meanwhile, for 10000 chickens, you need 100 sets of 20x5(100 chickens) this with proper gallery spacing. 

Farmhouse should have proper air windows and exhaust for chickens. 

Feeding and water

Chicken feed must full of protein, minerals, and proper fat according to their diet. An ordinary chicken eats at least 100 gm to 150 grams of chicken feed. 

Chicken feed can be made of cereals and grains at home or you can buy it directly from the market.  

Fully grown hens consume at least 50ml of freshwater daily, so you have to make sure that you must provide them fresh and clean water. 

Anti fungal medicines and cure

Hens are one of those birds who live on the ground. This causes them to get in range of fungus and other bacterial infections.

 In a poultry farm, where water is used to cooling their shelter, it is possible that they can live in a wet surface and environment. It can be a possible reason for them to get infected. 

So a poultry farm always requires a regular checkup to get rid out of fungus and other bacterial infections. 

That means, if it seems that chicken feet are getting any kind of green or yellow fungus, then you have to check them up on the veterinary surgeon. 


The main concept of the electricity connection is providing chickens light and heat. In summer chickens don't need any kind of electric fans to expect you to have to make the housing cold and friendly for chickens.

But in winters, you need to provide the proper heat and lighting for better growth and atmosphere. 

Trays for collecting the eggs 

After these mentioned steps, you will need to buy the trays for the collection of eggs. One tray of eggs contains a maximum of 150 eggs. So buy it as much as you need.  

Layer farming profit in 10,000 birds farm business

1st year profit

  • Total investment- 5813000 INR
  • Estimated earning- 7000000 INR
  • Net earning- 1187000 INR
  • Per month- 98750 INR/month
  • For first year- 1187000 INR

2nd year profit

  • Total investment- 3580000 INR
  • Estimated earning- 70000000
  • Net earning- 3420000 INR
  • Per month- 285000 INR
  • Per year- 342000 INR

Precautions in layer farming business

  • Take a regular checkup of the temperature of the housing shelter of the chicken poultry farm. 
  • Do not forget to maintain the dry floor for chickens daily. 
  • The chicken feeding process must be very gentle and enough on daily basis. 
  • Provide all chickens fresh and clean drinking water. 

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