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Sheep farming 2022, project report, business plan, investment, and profit

Sheep is one of the most unique, cold weather animal in all species on earth.  Sheeps have woolen hairs on their bodies to protect them in winters/cold weather. The average life of sheep is 12 to 13 years. 

Sheeps are multipurpose profitable animals to start your business with more profit than other animal farming. It is multi product provider for business like meatwool and milk

Sheep Farming 2022

Sheep milk has more energy in comparison to cow and goat. It provides you with a better quality ratio of protein, fat, and other important elements for the body. Countries like Italy and France use it for making cheese. 
Sheep meat(mutton), is a quality source of protein,  vitamin B12,  iron, zinc and minerals. 
sheep farming business project report

Sheep takes 8 to 10 weeks to grow wool fully for sheared. According to the study reports of university of Wisconsin, if human not cuts the sheep wool, then it can be grow till the death of sheep. 

You can use sheep farming method in integrated farming system along with mushroom farming and poultry farming.

Sheep farming Business requirements 2022

Let's start with the basics of sheep farming requirements to start your own business. 

Land for the Housing

In cold weather areas,  land cost is cheaper than others, especially in mountains. So you have to arrange a land for housing of sheep. 

For 500 sheeps(lambs in starting), you need 470 to 500 square metre area(22m x 22m to 23m x 23m)  for housing. We have choose here a square shape area but you have option here to choose rectangular or as you seems comfortable. 

Second need is area for barricading for their feeding (along with house). It should be two meters from the house in every measurement.  So the total area become 676 square meter(26m x 26m) to 729 square meters(27m x 27m)

The mentioned land provide you enough space for their feeding and housing, so don't bother about Land measurement Now. 

Housing and Barricading for Sheeps

Lamb can stay comfortable and  longer in temperature between 7 to 21 degree Celsius.

So the house material may be of cheaper cost.  But remember, below This temperature you have the maintain it as lamb need. Although sheeps can survive a bit more than lambs in lower temperature. 

Housing should be a traditional hill area model of house. It has to be with sloppy roof top. 

For the boundary and barricading of house you need a quality material of wood.  You need to make it like interference pattern around the house.  This will make a closed square barricading around the house,  which will provide sheeps the fresh air and feeding space. 

Breed of lambs

In India there are 30+ breeds of sheeps but three are of major in numbers which are: Gaddi sheeps, Magra and Deccani sheeps. 

Caring of lamb and sheeps 

Sheeps love to take fresh water and stay comfortable at clean places. Lambs need proper care in early ages,  so check them up to the veterinary doctor in gap of every four weeks for first year. 

Sheeps can stay well for long time if you fulfill their basic needs of temperature,  feed and water with proper hygiene. 

Feeding for lambs and sheeps

Every lamb need 400 to 600 grams of feed increases for sheep, which is 1 to 1.2 kg of feed daily.  

Sheep feed should be full of protein,  fat and minerals.  Grains mixture is best option to fees them because it is easy to digest and fill of protein and iron and zinc.  Maize,  wheat,  rice and jowar are best to feed them. 

Sheep farming Business investment for 500 sheeps

One time investment 

  • Lamb cost: One lamb is of the cost of 3500 to 5000 INR. So for 500 lambs,  you have to invest 175000 to 2500000 INR. 
  • Land cost: for 676 to 729 square meter area, In plains - 25 lakhs, In hill areas - 15 lakhs
  • Housing and barricading cost
Housing material should be cheaper price as mentioned above.  So it will cost you maximum 500000 INR.  

  • Barricading cost- 250000 INR.  

Total one time investment- 2250000- 3250000 INR. 

Each cycle sheep farming cost

  • Electricity cost with cutting of wool 

Cutting of sheep's wool cost you 8000 INR(Including electricity cost). 

Total one year cost is 8000+12000=20000 INR. 

  • Feeding cost

One fully grown sheep needs 1 to 1.2 kg of food daily. A lamb need 400 to 600 grams of food daily.  In winter food should be doubled. 

Feeding for a sheep for a year is cost you 5000 INR to 6000 INR.  

For 500 sheeps it will cost you 2500000 to 3000000 

Total per cycle investment- 2520000- 3020000 INR. 

Sheep farming Business profit calculations

Your profit is going to depend on there things: meat,  wool and milk. 
It is totally depends on you that how you want to earn profit from your business.  If you want to depend  them for milk and wool profit,  then it will be average and long term profit in fix investment.  But If you want to depend on the meat profit then,  you will get a bigger amount but you have to  invest again to buy lambs and sheeps. 
Wool and milk profit -1kg of raw wool is of 80 INR in India.  That means one sheep provide you 160 to 400 INR. 500 Sheeps wool will be of 80000 to 200000 INR. 
For milk you should have at least 40 percent of female sheep. Sheep milk is very expensive in market which is 400 to 600 INR/kg. A sheep produce milk in 170 to 190 days in year, remaining days are of its pregnancy and recovery.  In these days sheep produce,  100 to 130 litres of milk.  If your 200 sheeps are producing milk then it will be 2000 to 2600 litres of milk. So the milk profit will be 1000000 to 1300000 INR.  
Meat profit - If you want to sell sheeps for meat,  then one fully grown sheep is of 8000 to 10000 INR.  If you want to sell your all sheeps then it will become 4000000 to 5000000 INR.  

Which method gives best output in sheep farming at once?  

If the business depends on just wool, then it depends on the number of sheep raised. Small numbers will give low profit and larger numbers produce a high profit. 
If the business depends only on milk, then there must be people who consume sheep milk. This has the most fluctuation in profit because sheep milk is very costly in the market. So because of fluctuation in demand, it gets dynamic in its profit.
If one raises the sheep for just selling the meat, then it proves a high profitable step but only for once.  
Thus, collectively sheep farming business model is profitable. Clearly multidimensional way of business of sheep farming is more profitable than dependency only on a source of income. 

How profitable is a sheep farm

Only a few of the modern business models are there, which can be utilised in every sense. In such business models, profit is not one-dimensional only, but multidimensional. 
Sheep farming is in those businesses which are multi dimensionally profitable. 
Principal profit in sheep farming depends on milk, wool, and meat. 
Most people raise them for wool. It is the most profitable and long-term business in comparison to selling the meat directly.

Sheep farming region in India

In India, mostly Himalayan states and territories are known for Sheep farming. Jammu-kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and north-Uttrakahnd have maximum percentage of Sheep. But Telangana,  Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan  and Maharashtra are also practice sheep farming. 

If you want to start sheep farming in india then you have to understand the options first.  You can't do it in desert,  hot weather areas of plains and offing because of Principal reason of hot temperature.

So you have options left mountains and cold weather states and valleys. 

Precautions for sheep farming 

  • Temperature of the house in the night should not be drop below 7 degrees Celsius. 
  • Feeding of sheeps should be full of grains like wheat,  maize and Jowar.
  • Do not use the random grass to feed lambs. 
  • Feed them properly,  do not give them less or more feed as mentioned above. 
  • During the time of shearing,  feel them comfortable and be gentle if you are doing it first time.
  • Don't shear the sheeps before the winter. 
  • Clean the housing  area properly time to time and maintain hygiene around them. 
  • Provide them fresh water daily. 

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