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How to grow periwinkle flowers in Pots/containers at home terrace garden

Periwinkle is one of those few garden flower plants that have valuable medical properties. Medically, Periwinkle plant saliva use in treatment of cancer. Periwinkle plant flowers can easily grow in garden pots or direct soil in the garden. These periwinkle plants found in more than 8 colors in nature but few of them are popular. Leaves of periwinkle flowers are found in glossy shining green color. These are very soft and look like they are filled with liquid. Periwinkle plants can live even in the least ideal conditions for a few days.  Grow Periwinkle flowers in pots/containers Before knowing the requirements and process of sowing, you need to understand the nature of Periwinkle plants. These plants mostly bloom flowers in the summer. Mostly, hybrid seeds stop blooming in winters otherwise for the rest of the year, they bloom properly.  Pure periwinkle plants can allow flowers to bloom even in winters. After becoming mature, periwinkle flowers turn into seeds and fall later. These fel

Sustainable dairy farming, project report, investment, and estimated profit margin

We have to face major challenges in the upcoming future regarding natural energy sources, water sources, agricultural land, quality products, etc. Continuous overuse of available natural resources is creating the main problems.  Without any plan to sustain in the future, it will create humongous problems in front of human-related to his daily life.  We need a sustainable farming system that can help us to sustain ourselves in the future. Let's understand the sustainable dairy farming system. Sustainable dairy farming In many countries, people adopt a simple business structure. Well, that is all right but they ignore the importance and scope of just more with their business structure. For example, people do dairy farming business for milk mainly.  They sell it and also sell cows to earn profit but they ignore the rest of the resources they have in the same context. Cow dung is very important as it can use to make biogas, fertilizers, etc.  Principle of sustainable dairy farming  Sus

How to protect garden plants in summers

In comparison to ground-level crops, terrace garden plants get dry faster. In summers, direct sunlight in the afternoon period is responsible to reduce the moisture of plants. It causes dry leaves and burnt leaves, and finally, the whole plant gets dry fast.  To protect plants from direct sunlight you have to take early action before total damage.  Protect your garden plants in summers It is normal in summers for terrace plants to get dry. Although many fruits, flower plants, vegetables plants, are summer season plants but they can possibly get dry in summers at terrace.  This drying starts with leaves and buds, then stem get dry and in the end plant dies.  Following are some effective methods to protect your plants in summer season-  Temporary sunlight proof shelter Many artificial sheets on the market filter the effect of direct sunlight. These sheets can reduce sunlight intensity by up to 80%. These sheets are available on market in white and green colors so you can identify them ea

Tharparkar cow, milk per day, price, identity, and performace in dairy farming

In climate diverse Indian conditions, only particular kinds of cows are there that can survive in multiple regions. Most of the Indian cows may not survive either in hilly areas or desert regions.  Tharparkar cow is among the few cows that can survive in almost 80% of Indian states. For commercial compost making , Tharparkar cows are very useful. Tharparkar cow and milk production  Tharparkar cow is a deshi cow that is originated in the Thar desert region(Tharparkar district of current Pakistan). In India, the Tharparkar cow's origin is in Rajasthan.  How to identify Tharparkar cow? Let's understand how to identify Tharparkar cow Size and weight - Tharparkar cow is a medium-size 3.4 feet to 3.75 feet deshi cow. A young Tharparkar cow's average weight is around 350 kg. Jersey cows are heavier and taller than the Tharparkar cows.  Head - The Tharparkar head is average size with a wider forehead. Tharparkar cow has bigger black eyes in comparison to other cows. Just behind the

Chavang kut harvest festival of Manipur 2021, date and events

Do you know how many Indians or people globally celebrate harvest festivals like other religious festivals? There is a very small number of people who celebrate or enjoy harvesting/agriculture like other traditional or religious festivals.   Currently, only a few harvesting festivals left, celebrated in local communities of various regions according to their tradition. Maybe, it depends on their tradition or wealth in agriculture.  Chavang Kut festival of Manipur Kut festival is one of those harvest festivals that celebrates in North-East India, especially in Manipur.  Kut festival doesn't celebrate with hardcore rules and regulations.  It is a simple local and traditional festival which celebrate after every seasonal harvesting.  Types of Kut festival Traditionally, the Chin-Muki-Mizo community celebrates this festival in various regions of Northern-Eastern India.  'Kut' is a local word that means 'harvest'. There are several types of Kut festival those celebrated

Nuakhai Juhar festival in Odisha 2022, date, and 9 events| Harvesting Festival 2022

There was a time when Nuakhai was popular only in western Odisha, southern Chattisgarh, and Jharkhand. But today Nuakhai festival celebrates in more than 5 states of India. Nukhai Festival 2022 Nuakhai, which is a combination of the words Nua and Khai, which means New and Rice respectively. Collectively Nuakhai means new Rice.  People contribute their Newly harvested holy offering of Rice to their Totem and pray for the wellness of their upcoming crops and family wealth. Read about the method of Hydroponic farming setup in India. Tradition of Nuakhai Nuakhai is an agriculture-based Harvesting festival that celebrates in Western Odisha. In this festival, traditionally rural people of Western Odisha participate and show their respect towards their forefathers and ask for their blessings. On this day, people have fast for a day and wear new dresses.  It is popular that rural people make their food in brand new pots.  Learn how to grow the best and affordable green fodder for animals- Supe