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Lawn meadow and replacing a lawn turf into a lawn meadow(wildflowers) in USA

Most people get bored and tired of the regular maintenance and care of lawn turf for long period. It gives them more stress if they get any disease or do not grow well. Lawn turf diseases, infections, algae treatment and recovery sometimes take longer time than expected. Even after full recovery, if you ignore the care of lawn turf, it can be sick again.  To overcome and release the stress of lawn turf, and bring diversity in plants without weeding, a lawn meadow is a solution. It is more natural, needs less maintenance, is nature-friendly, more peaceful, and attractive than lawn turf.  Here, you can realise many benefits and advantages of lawn meadows. Turning a lawn turf into a meadow in USA Turning a lawn into a meadow release you from weeding, regular mowing, aeration, regular fertilization, and other lawn maintenance works. In simple words, a lawn meadow reduces all lawn activities to a minimum. Let's understand how you can convert your lawn turf into a lawn meadow. Why lawn