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Scope of Integrated Farming System for all farmers

In largely populated countries, the land is a big concern in a point of view of living and growing food. Upcoming Time will be so challenging for people because of the population and food.  An i ntegrated farming system  is a scientific and eco-friendly way to solve the issue of food production in enough quantity.  In India, there is a huge number of small farmers in those face losses every year. LEt's understand possibilities of integrated farming system among small Indian farmers.  Scope of Integrated farming system  Let's understnad first what is integrated farming system-  Integrated farming system  definition     The word Integrated farming says about the integration of multiple types of farming at once on the same Land.  An integrated farming method combines plant and animal farming both at once on the same Land.  This method is helpful to increase income in a limited amount of investment on small agricultural land.  Only food crops or non-food crops or animal farming hav