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Groundnut cultivation in Uttrakhand, sowing, weeding, harvesting and groundnut store

A major portion of Uttrakhand is a hill and slopy land and the rest is either near plains or exact plain region. It is not easy to practice the cultivation as same as plain regions.  Terrace farming is very common here to prepare land for crop cultivation.  Groundnut appear in roots of plants like potatoes and familiar with most of the root plants. Goundnuts appear like bunch of grapes and same as potato beneath the ground.    Every year, 50 to 70 tons of groundnuts produce in Uttrakhand. People consume groundnuts in form of butter, by baking, in raw form, etc.    Groundnut cultivation in Uttrakhand  Requirements for groundnut cultivation in Uttrakhand  Soil type, pH, and land availability In valleys, mostly alluvial soil is popular for agriculture in Uttrakhand. Even for ordinary crops, sometimes farmers don't use organic fertilizers. This alluvial soil keeps pH between 6 to 7. It means it is best for groundnut cultivation.  On slopy mountain soil, groundnut cultivation is difficu

Dairy Farming, business project report, shed design, investment, and profit on 20 cows

Dairy farming  resolves the issue of options of protein and fat to vegetarians on a large scale.  India  produces more than 20% of total milk production globally every year. These days global milk production raises up to more than 530 million metric tons per annum.            In some countries, cow's milk is the first choice to consume but some people love buffalo milk also.   Dairy farming for milk(Cow) Let's get familiar with milk of dairy animals Components of milk of various animals (nutrients, protein and fat)  1. Cow milk  - 86 % water, 5 % carbohydrates, 4 % fat, 3 % protein and 2 % minerals  2. Buffalo milk - 6 % fat, 82 % water, 4 % carbohydrates, 6 % protein, and 2 % minerals.  3. Goat milk - 5% fat, 4 % protein, 3.5% carbs, 0.5 % nutrients and 87% water. Before getting start your Dairy farming business For cow milk Dairy, you should have proper housing, water, cure, feeding, light, and professional milking machines. This is a long-term investment, so don't bother

Understand the difference between food crops and cash crops

Often, people think that cash crops are some kind of seasonal food crops when they heard the name, and some think cash crops are non-food crops or those crops which produce money like leaves, etc.  If you are thinking that cash crops are just money-making crops then you are about to right track. Some people can't differentiate between food crops and cash crops. So let's understand what are they and how they are different from each other?  Difference between food crops and cash crops 1. Fundamental difference Almost every food crop is a cash crop but every cash crop is not a food crop. The above statement means that food crops can commercialize in the market in exchange for money but there are many non-food crops like cotton, cocoa, sugarcane, etc. those are not food crops that are also part of cash crops.  2. Economical prospects Food crops are the major portion of the agricultural economy that start contribution from season to season. But some cash crops can contribute to the

Glass Greenhouse cost for 1 acre in India

Can you imagine why eco-friendly methods in agriculture practices are increasing per year in the bigger and older countries? Greenhouse agriculture is a modern solution of agriculture that can apply on any scale of plant agriculture. Greenhouse farming is the best method of growing almost every kind of crop even in odd seasons on a fix land.  Glass greenhouse cost for 1 acre in India What is a glass greenhouse method of farming? Greenhouse farming works on the principle of arrangement of perfect atmosphere to grow crops inside a covered region.  This covered region may be of plastic sheets or glass sheets but it is certain that the covered region controls the temperature inside and provide a highly ideal atmosphere to grow crops. #Polyhouse farming is a kind of greenhouse farming that practices on a small scale.  Requirements to make a glass greenhouse To make solid glass housing/shed/walls: 1-inch thick glass plates to make walls and roof For temperature management: Exhaust fans an