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Goat farming, project report(20+1), requirements, investment, and profit in 2022

People are encouraged to start a goat farm after seeing the profit of other goat farms. Although it is a good business model, people don't care about the consequences of bad implementation and lack of knowledge.  So we suggest you get physical training first and then follow this project model. Let's understand how to develop goat farms, goat breeds, methods of implementation, precautions, investment, and profit of goat farming business on 20+1 goats. Goat farming  Working of goat farming business model The goat farming business works for two purposes; for meat and milk. For 20 goats, people usually take 1 male-goat, but sometimes you can take 2, it depends on you. Reason is simple, because people believe that 1 is a lucky number. People consume Goat meat more than goat milk, which is why most people establish it for meat. But actually, a bigger number of goats can generate a good income from milk alone. To raise goats for meat,  there is a principle of increasing production.  G

Garlic farming(Lehsun), process of growing, yield per hectare, investment and profit per hectare

South Asian countries consume garlic in very different ways as medicine, complementary elements of dishes, and garlic vinegar.  Garlic can be store for a very long time at a constant moderate temperature.   Let's understand how farmers grow garlic and how can you learn garlic farming.  Garlic farming Unlike all of the particular crops, garlic cultivation requires specific conditions as temperature, climate, soil, seeds, fertilizers, humidity, etc.  Requirements to grow garlic Temperature required Garlic requires moderate temperature in till sprouting period, around 15 to 20 degrees Celcius. After getting 3 to 5 inches long, they can survive up to 32 to 36 degrees Celcius.  At the time of harvesting, a higher limit of temperature is required.  Soil type and composition Normally, a well-fertilized soil is enough to grow garlic but mostly loamy soil is known best soil in comparison to others. In the case of alluvial soil, it has some impurities and other elements which are not require