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How to grow Coriander organically?

Iran and China are world's most coriander produce countries. Along with them almost every southern Asian country produce coriander. The production amount is not certain because it does not use according to  its weight.  In India , people use  coriander in their almost every main course meal. People use it as garnishing with curries, vegetables  and few other snacks.India is the country where coriander use as medical purposes. How to grow Coriander in garden or yard? Coriander is neither a vegetable nor a fruit. Coriander is just a green plant with fresh and herb fragrance.  Coriander plant has a very thin and flowery leaves. Every leaf own the same inconsistency of fragrance.  Coriander plant doesn't get long height but it can last at least for 3 to 3.5 months. The growth of coriander depends on the land it gets. It becomes bushy sometimes and sometimes longer, all depend on the gap between plants. Coriander leaves  The main purpose of coriander is to get fresh green herb le