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Scope of Integrated Farming System for all farmers

In largely populated countries, the land is a big concern in a point of view of living and growing food. Upcoming Time will be so challenging for people because of the population and food. 
An integrated farming system is a scientific and eco-friendly way to solve the issue of food production in enough quantity. 
In India, there is a huge number of small farmers in those face losses every year. LEt's understand possibilities of integrated farming system among small Indian farmers. 

Scope of Integrated farming system 

Let's understnad first what is integrated farming system- 

Integrated farming system definition  

The word Integrated farming says about the integration of multiple types of farming at once on the same Land. 

An integrated farming method combines plant and animal farming both at once on the same Land. This method is helpful to increase income in a limited amount of investment on small agricultural land. 

Integrated farming system

Only food crops or non-food crops or animal farming haven't the capability to provide you a bigger amount of profit from small land. So that's why the system developed to integrate all types of farming to achieve the best output. This system combines fish farming, Poultry farming,  Dairy farming, mushroom farmingsheep farming,  bamboo farming,  organic vegetable farming, etc.  
Integrated farming system is best for all kinds of range of farming land. But only a few percent of farmers practice this method.

Why Rural areas have lack awareness of what is integrated farming 

In rural areas, most people are not aware of What is integrated farming.

Rural people follow the traditional way of doing seasonal crops farming like Rabi crops, Kharif crops, and Zaid crops. There are people in villages who practice Dairy farming and poultry farming but still, they are doing things as they learnt from their forefathers. 

Apart from their tradition, Rural people not aware of an integrated farm because they have never been taught about this. There are differences among the farmers of populated countries, farmers of average population countries, and low population countries.  

   In larger population countries, farmers are not that much aware because of poverty and backwardness. They are mostly illiterate. Their first challenge is to come out from these basic problems only then they can practice modern farming techniques. 

The quote is quite popular - poverty can't make you a philosopher.

On the average population, there is a better system of awareness of modern farming and methods of the integrated farming system. 

 Low population countries have enough resources and reach. They can easily switch their entire system quickly than other countries. 

That's why even most farmers are rural but they are aware of modern Methods of integrated farming systems.

Why rural people are not able to start integrated farm in bigger countries

Most of the rural farmers are poor and illiterate. It is not easy for them to read and aware of modern methods of profitable farming Business. 

In bigger countries, it is too hard to make a system that can take information further to the most backward rural areas.

A small percentage of farmers are those who don't want to start integrated farm because they don't want to take risk in new methods which are not well established in their eyes. They want to follow the same ordinary way of seasonal crops.

Integrated organic farming 

Integrated organic farming is based on organic feeding to organic compost in an integrated farm. Integrated organic farming provides the most ecofriendly, productive, and best output for health. 

Organic feeding for cattle and poultry farms is the fundamental purpose of this model. Fish feeding should be organic and mushroom and vegetable compost should be organic. 

The best organic productive feed for cattle is green fodder. Wasted vegetables like Cabbage, peas skin, and sugarcane leaves. You have to give them 40 to 45 kg of green fodder daily. 

In dry fodder, you can use rice fodder, wheat fodder, and millet. There is 5 kg of dry fodder is enough in a day. 

For fishes, you can use the dung of chickens. For chickens, you can use cereals and grains like wheat and broken rice.

In mushroom farming, you have to use organic compost instead of a chemical one. Also, Your vegetables need organic fertilizers to get the best crop of mushrooms. 

Integrated farming system in India 

According to India has 17.7 % of the global population. In India, the local system does not match the modern techniques because of the reach of government. There is a total of 50 million farmers who directly own the lands. 85% of them are small farmers. 

In rural areas, people are only dependent on farming including their families. There are 70% of rural households are directly dependent on agriculture. 

In this number, most farmers are poor or small. These farmers are not able to enhance the income instead they are in deeper debt. In India on average, 8 to 9 farmers suicides every day, which is horrifying and injustice with the food provider. 

The integrated farming system can be a solution for the small farmers but it needs proper willpower. Govt. Needs to provide small rural farmers training and loan on a larger subsidy. It can change the life of rural farmers if they practice it. 

Which type of farmers should try Integrated farming 

So far, I think you understand what is integrated farming purposed for. Now you will understand which people should try it.

As you know now the integrated farming system includes poultry farming, goat/sheep farming, mushroom farming, vegetable farm, fish farming, and Dairy farming.

 These parts are cost an initial investment to establish a business. Once it is established then you can enhance your profit and business both. 

So those farmers who can invest the amount to establish an initial model which cost high in arranging to house, buying cattle and fishes, fish pond, poultry farm chickens, mushroom compost and seeds, vegetable seeds and most importantly land. 

The small farmers are not able to do so because of a lack of initial investment. 

They have landed but not enough to produce profit for them. If the government supports them to train them and provide them a loan for an initial boost then it can be easily possible in rural areas farmers. 

But as we mentioned above it is not easy to create such an ecosystem with simple ease instead it takes time to develop if everything goes in the right direction. 

In cities, farmers are comparatively better than rural farmers, so this will be great for them to practice a profitable business model.

Advantages of integrated farming systems 

  • It is an almost one-time investment and then the system works for a long-term profit. 
  • IFS helps small farmers to generate extra revenue in limited resources. 
  • It helps to get variety in the food like meat, vegetables, milk, and others.
  • It is a modern way of farming that can erase poverty and development of economy further. 
  • It is organic farming that's why it is directly beneficial to the health of people.

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