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Rohu fish farming, project report, price, investment, and profit per acre

In terms of protein, vitamin A, B, omega-3, and mercury, Rohu fish is high source of these. Rohu fish contains good amount of fat that provide benefits for human body.  Rohu fish farming business is profitable. According to Rohu fish demand in market, its production is not enough. Although it gives yield at least in 8 months, but still it is highly profitable for business purpose.  Let's look at an overview on requirements, estimated investment and profit per acre on Rohu fishes.  Rohu fish farming The deciding factor of Rohu farming success is the quality of feed, atmosphere, water quality, and mortality rate.  Is Rohu fish farming profitable? In short terms, a big No. In longer terms, Yes. Absolutely. As you can see above data, Rohu fish farming reduces the pond cost and oxygen pumping cost from the total revenue. It means you will get negligible profit on your first harvesting of Rohu fish.  From the second cycle, you just have to invest in your seeds, electricity, maintenance,

Rain water harvesting system, agricultural model, method process, drip irrigation with rainwater harvesting, and requirements

Water shortage become a big problem around the world now. In the future, water shortage can take a destructive form and can stake the life of humans for drinking water. Not even drinking water, also for other usages. To overcome the water shortage problems and conserve water, a rainwater harvesting system is a very impactful model.  Let's understand the rainwater harvesting system and model so that you can implement it on your own.  Rainwater harvesting system for houses A rainwater harvesting system is a method that can be helpful in terms of sustainability. In those regions, where the climate is odd, they face the problem of water shortage as well as hot region people.  It works to collects rainwater and stores it for future use. It can implement in regular houses, shops, buildings, stores, or anywhere where roofs are sloppy.  Let's understand the rainwater harvesting model.  Rainwater harvesting model The rainwater harvesting system model working process completes in multipl

How to grow a lemon tree/plant in pots/containers in pots/containers at home?

In summers, lemon juice is very affective to cool down body temperature, Vitamin-C, kidney stones, reduce body weight, and few other diseases. Its a small fruit but very affective.  You can grow lemon in your gardens too. Actually, lemon tree should be common in all the terrace or ground gardens. So I hope, if you have a garden then you will plant lemon for sure.  Let's understand how to grow lemon in pots at home.  How to grow a lemon tree/plant at home in the garden? Let's start with the requirements to grow lemon first.  Lemon tree farming requirements at home Pots/containers It doesn't make too much difference to choose either cement, soil pots, or plastic bags pots for lemon plants cultivation at home.  For each plant, you need 15 to 20 inches in diameter and a 12 to 15 inches deep pot. One thing common among all these pots is drainage holes to release extra water and moisture from the soil. This unnecessary water can damage the roots and reduce the growth of the lemon

Shrimp farming in Alabama(USA), requirements, investment, profit, and yield per acre

Day by day the demand of shrimps is increasing in the global market. These shrimps generally live in sea water but you  can do arrangement to raise them in your farm.  Till the date, most of the people are unaware that they can do shrimp farming in their own farms.  By reading the following, you will get an overview of shrimp farming in one acre land and will understand the investment and profit terms in USA.  Shrimp(prawns) farming in the Alabama(USA) People don't have shrimp farms everywhere in USA. Texas is the main place where most of the people practice shrimp farming.  Today, you will understand how can a person start shrimp farm in Alabama, USA.  Let's start with the requirements, investment, and profit per acre land.  Requirements for Shrimp farming in Alabama(USA) Pond preparation If you reserve an acre of land area for your shrimp farming, then the best way is to make ponds in divided sections. It helps to clean and manage the ponds. If your shrimps get infections the

How to grow Strawberries in pots/containers at home/terrace garden

Strawberry plant produce 25 to 40 strawberries in a season of strawberry cultivation. A strawberry plant can live up to 4 to 5 years. Each cycle of every plant producing strawberries is 8 to 9 months. You can grow strawberries at home or even in your terrace garden pots. So let's understand how to do so with easy steps of learning.    How to grow strawberries in pots/containers at home In comparison of direct soil land, strawberry plants grow better in pots/containers. In each pot you can look the growth of each plant at a time and keep them in good shape. So without making things complex, let understand with the requirements first-  Requirements to grow strawberries in pots/containers Let's start with the basic requirements. You need to be aware during the selection of pots/containers, preparation of soil, and your local region's climate. Preparation of soil mixture Like any other plant, the strawberry plant can't grow in direct garden soil because of low fertility and

How to grow Dragonfruits in containers/pots terrace gardens at home

Some people confuse between cactus and dragonfruit. But it easy to differentiate them both. A dragonfruit plant produce 4 to 6 dragonfruit in a season. It like summer and high temperature climate conditions.  An average draonfruit weight is 300 to 500 grams. Sometimes it can be over 600 grams. In global markets, dragonfruit is costlier  than any common fruit. It is not easily available everywhere. But it can grow at home gardens/terrace in your house.  Let's understand today how to grow dragonfruit at your terrace garden.  How to grow Dragonfruits at home? Dragonfruit is full of carbs, vitamin C, fibers, and almost zero in fat. It increase the immunity of human body and provide quality benefits quickly.  Methods of growing dragonfruits at terrace garden There are two fundamental methods to grow dragonfruit in the terrace garden. These two methods are differentiated at initial steps and the time period of yield.  Growing dragonfruits from seeds Dragonfruit plants take a longer time