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'Money plant in water', growing process, Care, and Benefits

There are few plant vines, which you can use inside your house without any stake of danger. Usually, a single Money plant can live for 12 to 15 years but it provides you more than this. You can get the unimaginable number of plants from a half or fully grown money plant. It can be grown in Lesser light or dark.

Because of its benefits and unique qualities, it became a traditional plant in the last 2 centuries. It is popular in some eastern countries like Australia, many South Asian countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, etc.

Money plant in water 

Money plant 

Mony plant is a type of vine that has heart-shaped leaves. These leaves can be flat or a bit inclined sometimes.

Surprisingly, most of the time, every branch of the money plant has a maximum of 5 leaves. 

money plant in water

South Asia have the most number of money plants in the world. Every country of this region has unique species of money plant.  

In India, White pathos, neon pathos, green money plant, and golden money plant mostly used by people. 

In China, the Chinese money plant, UFO plant, pancake plant, and Bender plant are most popular. 

Things that distinguish money plants from others is that their vines produce roots just after every node. That's why you can make as much plant as you want from a single vine of money plant (it works as same as the Fibonacci series with time). 

Requirements to grow Money plant in water

  • Temperature and light

Either you are growing a money plant in water or soil, it grows better in sunlight. It grows throughout the year from moderate temperature to some lower temperature up to 15 degrees Celcius. 

Money plant in water

  • Fertilizers and pesticides

Usually, a money plant doesn't ask for fertilizers when it grows in water, but for your comfort change the water with a fresh one at least every 5-10 days. 

Don't panic if some leaves start to get yellowish or white spotted. It happens because of the mismanagement of water and sunlight.

  • Pot qualities

Although you start from a small plant, it grows faster and requires a bigger pot later if you grow them in soil. 

In the case of water, it is better to use transparent glass pots to check the health of the roots and bottom stem of the plant. 

It becomes easy to change a small pot to a bigger one in the future. 

Nursery plants transplantation

To grow money plant in the water you must have to follow the instructions-

  • Take a small money plant from the nursery.
  • Now you have a plant, take a glass pot and fill it with water. Water must be fresh and balance essential elements of plant growing. 
  • Set the plant in water in such a way that the water stays a little above the node, that's it. 

Sowing of money plant cuttings

  • Take a cutting of money plant, this cutting part will have multiple nodes which will provide plants as same as several plants as nodes. So make sure only cut as much you need. 
  • You have to cut them just above the node with the leaf because the bottom will become the root. 
  • Dip this cutting in a glass pot of water as same as you did with a single plant. 
  • These plants will start growing soon. 

Money plant Care in water 

The difficult part in money plant growing in water is the care of money plant after. People who grow money plant without any background understanding or training(1 day at least), they face lots of challenges related to money plant. 
Although, trained people also face challenges in odd conditions they know how to handle the situation. 

Inside and outside of the room 

People keep money plants inside and some outside of their house according to their beliefs but they forget to care for them inside the room. 

First, let's understand the challenges people face-
  • Without proper ventilation, the plant starts to get dry, despite providing it fresh water for a certain period.
  • The appearance of white and yellow spots(sometimes brown and black) on green leaves.
  • Fading of green leaves for all day.
  • Impact of humidity and high temperature on plants.
  • Unusual use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides by misleading.
Now, let's understand how to prevent and handle these challenges and mistakes-
  • Provide all the plants proper ventilation inside the room. You can keep them near a window with ventilation. 
  • From outside your room, don't let them in direct sunlight for more than 4 hours, especially in the afternoon time.
  • If your plants getting unwanted spots on leaves, you can cut those portions or check the pH of the water. If pH is below 6.9 or more than 7.1 then change that water with a pH range of 6.9 to 7.1.
  • If the money plant is getting dry, then feed a new cutting inside your glass pot with existed one. You can change the pot with a bigger one and let both plants grow at the same time. Despite, if you are not satisfied with it,  you can plant a cutting in a new pot and it will grow till the existing plant will get totally dry.
  • Don't use any kind of organic or inorganic fertilizer water of money plant, instead, you can change the water. 
  • Don't use high calcium-containing water.
Training is a practical method, you can't learn it just by reading text but you can get an overview. 

Money plant in water decoration

Money plant decoration indoor depends on the one's choice. Some people want money plant as decoration, some want to grow it randomly, and some want to grow it bushy and long. 
It is easy to decorate the money plant at home. If you want a bushy plant, you need to cut its upper portions. For longer growth, you need several fixed points/joints to hold it longer. 
For those people who want it to grow only just for decoration, they can use designer points, with lighting. Because the money plant is a vine plant, it is easy to fold or move its flexible stem.  But this kind of arrangement or decoration asks for a more secure and gentle work with money plant in starting stages. 

Money plant benefits/Money plant uses

  • Money plant filters the air and maintains the quality of air. That's why money plants use inside the house.  
  • A reason for growing money plants without fact is the mythology of Vastu in eastern Asian countries. People think that money plant brings wealth and happiness to your house. 
  • It maintains the positive vibes Inside the house and provides a mental stainless time. 
  • It is not a fact but people believe that money plants resisted the radiation of machines and provide a better atmosphere inside the house. 

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