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Chicken manure or Chicken poop fertilizer making in USA, requirements, components, and process of making chicken manure

Many times we aren't able to find some basic ideas of sustainability in poultry farming. 

We all have ideas just below the nose but we ignore that easily. Most of the time we waste chicken poop without knowing the importance of the chicken poop. 

Let's discuss this idea of sustainability of poultry farming as we will understand the use of chicken poop as a fertilizer. 

Chicken poop fertilizer or chicken manure in USA

We can make one of the most highly fertile and productive compost with chicken poop. It contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur in plenty of percentages. 

Chicken poop fertilizer or chicken manure

In many cases, it is found that chicken manure is more productive than cow dung compost. 

Chicken manure fertilizer

We use the word chicken manure for organic chicken poop fertilizer. We can use chicken manure either in a liquid mixture or raw. 

One thing to remember with chicken manure is that we don't use it with root vegetables or any crop that produce inside the soil. We find the best results with above-the-ground crops by using chicken manure.

Let's understand the requirements to make chicken poop fertilizer or chicken manure-

Requirements to make chicken manure

We don't need so many materials to make organic chicken manure. Following are some basic things that are helpful and basic ingredients for making chicken manure. 

  • Chicken poop

Chicken poop is a basic requirement for making chicken manure. We need 5 kg of chicken poop for making 10 kg of chicken manure. 

We can collect dry chicken manure from the poultry farms. Even you can ask other poultry farms for chicken poop at very cheap prices or for free. 

  • Water

In a 10 kg sample of chicken manure, we need  3 liters of freshwater. We don't need to mix once but during the mixing of each component. 

  • Soil

We can use either garden soil or ordinary soil to make chicken manure. Mix the soil with the chicken poop and then spray some water. In a 10 kg mixture, we can take 2kg of the garden or ordinary soil. 

  • Dry leaves

Dry leaves are a source of carbon. In making the process of chicken manure, we use 1 kg of dry leaves and spray some water. 

How do collect chicken poop from Poultry farms?

Before starting the process of making chicken poop fertilizer, people hesitate to collect the chicken poop. 

It can be easy if you think smartly. You can use sand on the surface where chicken walks on a poultry farm. Chicken poop doesn't get mixed with the sand properly. You can either use sand just below the cage of poultry chickens. It will collect the chicken poop directly on the below surface with the sand.  

You need a  proper filter tool so that you can filter sand from the chicken poop. It will separate chicken poop from your manure. 

Now the next thing is to collect it in a container. 

Step by step process of making chicken poop manure

For a 10 kg chicken manure, you can follow the same ratio as mentioned above. For rest of the process, following is the step by step process-

  • Your first task is to collect the chicken poop in the container. collect all the chicken poop directly from the poultry farms. If you have less number of chickens, then it will take some days to collect enough poop. 
  • Choose a place where you can make chicken manure without disturbance. Crush the dry chicken poop and spray some water in. 
  • Take soil and cover the chicken manure with it. Again spray some water. 
  • Take dry leaves, again cover the whole collected material. Spray some water. 
  • Mix the entire components well and make a proper mixture of them. 
  • Let it be decomposed until it becomes black chicken manure. 

It takes 30 to 40 days to decompose. After that, you can use it either in your garden on in crop fields. 

Things to keep in mind while using poultry manure

Following are some basic mistakes and points to keep in mind before and during the making of chicken manure-

  • Make chicken manure in an empty place. 
  • Don't use dry chicken poop directly in the plants otherwise, it can burn your plants. 
  • During the making of chicken manure, you don't have to use overwatering. 
  • Don't use fresh waste in the chicken manure otherwise, it can reduce the speed of decomposition. 
  • If you think that you need to use direct chicken poop in your fields then you can use a liquid mixture with 1:5 of chicken poop and water. 

Chicken manure vs cow dung manure

Following are some points that you can distinguish and differentiate the chicken manure and cow dung manure- 


Chicken manure is cheaper than cow dung manure. It is because cow dung has other uses and importance. 
Chicken manure waste by draining and can't use in other works. 


For quick growth, we can use chicken manure. Although chicken manure doesn't increase the soil fertility in comparison to cow dung compost it gives productive results.
Cow dung compost increase soil fertility and helps in soil regeneration. 
Overuse of chicken manure can burn the plants. But comparatively, there are fewer chances that cow dung compost burns the plants by overusing. 

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