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Planter machine in agriculture, sections, types of planter machine, and working process

It is a big problem to sow seeds precisely. Sometimes, we scatter multiple seeds in a single spot, sometimes, spots are left empty. Also, it is hard to keep the line-to-line distance and plant-to-plant distance accurate all the time in bigger lands. This irregularity with seed sowing is very common but a big problem in traditional crop cultivation.

In small fields, it is possible to check the regular pattern of seed sowing but in big hectares of land, it is almost impossible to count the regularity of seeds at the right spot. 

Planter machines are very helpful to solve the problem. Let's understand the working of planter machines and their types.

Planter machines in agriculture

Planter machines help to sow seeds precisely in agricultural fields. It works automatically in multiple sections and maintains the line to line distance and seed to seed distance with correct accuracy. Planter machines operate from diesel and petrol. 

Planter machine

Most of the planter machines are available as complementary machines that connect with tractors. Labor takes a couple of hours just to scatter seeds randomly on one-acre land but planter machines do that work in 1 or 1.5 hours.

Sections of planter machine

Following are the main sections of a basic planter machine-

  • Seeds emitter

Most planter machines are available with three or four seed boxes that emit the seeds for sowing. In this section, we manually put the seeds according to the area. 

  • Seed rate controller

Every seed box attaches with an automatic controller that controls the rate of seeds falling from the seed boxes. We fix the seed rate according to the particular crop seed. 

  • Soil plower

At the bottom, there are multiple soil plowers attached to the planter machine. These plowers dig in the soil in a straight line to provide seed space. Generally, these plowers use on already plowed land.

  • Range controllers

This section is the main section or better to call it the regulatory section. We fix the seed rate of flowing, depth of plowers, and reach of the planter machine.

Working process of planter machines

Most of the planter machines work with tractors. We attach planter machines tractors with the help of a proper attaching system. Either on an already plowed land or loose soil land, we run tractor attached planting machine. 

First, we fill the fuel in the machine and seeds in the emitting boxes. Then after, we set the range of digging and seed falling rate in the machine. 

Finally, the machine starts digging and sowing seeds just at the right spots together. Meanwhile, we refill the seed boxes if they get empty.  

Similarly, plant sowing planter machine, cuttings sowing planter machine works. But instead of seeds, we use their plants and cuttings there respectively. 

Types of planter machines and their price

Although there are small manpower operating planter machines we will understand the bigger automatic working planter machines. Following are the types of planter machines available in the market-

  • Seed sowing 

It is a very common planter machine. It sows seeds according to the setting. It maintains the plant to plant distance and covers the bigger land very fast. 

These machines work faster than other planter machines. The basic price of seed planter machines starts from 2,50,000 INR. 

  • Cuttings sowing

These planting machines are slightly different than seed sowing machines. These machines are very helpful to sow potatoes. These are a bit heavier because of the loading capacity. These machines can handle the weight of 20 kg of potato cuttings easily. These are one of the most useful agricultural machines for all potato farmers. It operates from petrol and is attached to tractors. These machines are available in the market for a basic price of 3,00,000 INR.

  • Plant sowing 

These types of machines are very helpful in wheat and paddy plant transplantation. For this, we collect the bunches of plants and arrange them in the planting machine. Automatically, the plant sowing machine transplants all the plants one by one at a proper line to line and plant to plant distance. 

These machines are very capable and heavy in size. Although these machines consume extra fuel but very helpful for precision transplantation and fast working.

What should you keep in mind while buying planter machines?

People do multiple mistakes in a hurry or a lack of information while buying planter machines. Don't panic, you will get a proper deal if you follow the proper things. Following are some of the basic things you keep in mind while buying planter machines-

  • First of all, choose a properly-known company or organization that sells planter machines. For this, you can check their contacts with government authorities. 
  • Before final selection, check the average of working hours per liter. 
  • Read all the warranty or service details on the documents properly. Read all the terms and conditions of the machine carefully. 
  • In most cases, although there is a small amount of subsidy available you should go for it. 
  • Ask for the details of the material the machine is made of. 
  • Don't buy a planting machine that is very complex to operate.  
  • If you want to buy a second-hand planter machine, then ask the owner for subsidy documents for the machine. It can reduce the cost of the machine. 

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