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TruGreen lawn care in USA, service programs, cost, various service prices, and TruGreen contact details in USA

Lawn treatment, recovery, soil regeneration, mowing, aeration, and fertilization are challenging in lawns either if you are a beginner or have a very buy schedule. 

These are the problems that most lawn owners face. Sometimes, they do it by themselves or they search for a lawn care service provider. 

Here, we explained TruGreen's lawn care services in detail regarding lawns. The following explanation is structured data without any personal opinion to make you understand TruGreen's services. Let's understand their terms and various programs.

TruGreen lawn care

TruGreen is a well-known established and trustable brand that provides services like Lawn Care, Tree and Shrub, mosquito, and soil amendments. 

TruGreen lawn care in USA

Here you will understand detailed and simple explanations of their lawn care services and programs.

TruGreen Lawn care service packages

For lawn care, TruGreen provides you following three basics to advance packages- 


'TruHealth' service package is for a healthy lawn. This package includes the following services-

  • Weed control
  • Fertilization 
  • Tailored lawn treatment


TruComplete service package is for all the essentials, more for a healthy, and green lawn. This package includes the following services-

  • Weed control
  • Fertilization 
  • Tailored lawn treatment
  • Aeration and overseeding


On an advanced level, the TruSignature service plan provides you with everything you need for healthy vibrant turf and tree shrubs near or on your lawn. This package includes the following facilities-

  • Weed control
  • Fertilization 
  • Tailored lawn treatment
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Trees and Shrubs care


TruMaintenance plan work with slow release fertilizer plus pre-emergent and targeted weed control that protect your turf year-round. Following are the services that the TruMaintenance package includes- 

  • Fertilization
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis
  • TruExpert Certified Specialists
  • Pre-Emergent and Targeted Weed Control
  • Healthy Lawn Guarantee


TruNatural plan is a fully natural plant to care for the lawn. The experts use 100% natural fertilizers and products to treat your lawn properly. Following are the services that the TruNatural plan includes- 

  • 100% natural fertilizer
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Vascular absorption
  • Weed control upon request at no additional charge

Various TruGreen lawn care service facillities

  • Weed control

Treat the lawn to prevent weeds before they grow, along with targeted spot treatments if weeds do appear.

  • Fertilization 

They will apply a slow-release formula at key points during the year to stimulate, care for, and increase turf growth.

  • Tailored lawn treatment

This includes service of lawn according to its needs, including grub control and pH balancing, and lime treatment.

  • Aeration and overseeding

Lawn specialists will remove small plugs from your lawn while new seeding empty spots. A few weeks later, the plugs will break down, feeding your lawn’s roots and helping the seeded areas grow to achieve a thicker, healthier lawn.

  • Tree and shrubs care

The health of lawn trees and lawn shrubs is sometimes overlooked. But a flourishing landscape starts with the nutrients and protection they need to thrive.

TruGreen lawn care cost 5,000 square feet

Following is an estimated cost that you have to pay for various TruGreen lawn care services. It includes first application(least cost) charges with other charges(same cost each) for the rest of the year. This estimation cost doesn't include other extra services costs.

  • TruHealth cost- $1,000 
  • TruComplete cost- $1,200 
  • TruSignature cost- $2,000  
  • TruMaintenance cost- $1,300 
  • TruNatural cost- $1,100 

TruGreen estimated cost calculation factors

Following are all the factors that decide the overall package cost for TruGreen lawn care- 

  • Size of lawn

Your lawn size matter when you want to have a professional service for lawn care. According to the size of your lawn, your overall price range can vary.

  • Selected plan

Various lawn care plan packages provide various facilities. You have to pay according to the services you want. You can ask help from experts for a suitable plan when professionals examine your lawn. 

  • Lawn location

Your service fee charges depend on your lawn location. If you are in the range of your local TruGreen, then it will ask you for the general charges. But out of range lawns increase the service fees according to the location distance. 

  • Condition of lawn

When TruGreen experts analyze your lawn's initial conditions, they create a chart for that. They decide the expenses according to the requirements to treat the initial condition of the lawn.

  • Additional services

If you want to add a few other facilities(that are not included in your package) then you have to pay extra for the additional services.

What to expect from TruGreen lawn care services?

Although TruGreen covers all the points of reliability for their customers still you can decide by following-

  • Science-based treatment of lawn

On-field working experts check your initial lawn condition first. Then after making a suitable data chart and information, they treat the lawn with science-based methods. They use applied science techniques for lawn care precisely. It is a far far better method than the guessing and treating method.

  • Lawn report summary on the front door

For your satisfaction, TruGreen provides your lawn health report summary every 4 to 6 weeks on your door. 

This report includes the progress of your lawn in a particular interval from the initial condition before starting the treatment. 

  • On-ground supporting staff

TruGreen's supporting staff is well trained and helps you to resolve any extra problem regarding your lawn. Even in rare cases, if you are not satisfied with their services, they can help you without making any extra charges from you. 

  • Customer support and contact details

In case of urgent need, you can call +1-844-768-1020 number. primary customer support number in case of immediate need. 

Contact for a new service- +1-844-777-3424 and for customer service- +1-844-768-1021

If you have any queries, help, or related support, then you can contact by email to TruGreen contact email. According to people TruGreen respond as soon as they get your email on normal days.

  • Guaranteed services

In any of their TruGreen lawn care package, they assure you guaranteed results on your lawn. 

For this, they provide you reports of certain periods at your doorstep. Even if you still have any queries during this treatment, you ask them for sure.  

  • Save your time

In a busy life schedule, it is not easy to maintain your lawn in your tiny free time. TruGreen saves your time and provides you with guaranteed results. 

  • Lawn treatment under lawn specialists

TruGreen treats your lawns under professionally trained experts. These experts' working experience with equipment and lawns is quite accurate and effective. These experts ensure the use of the right products in the right way with the right equipment used for the maximum guaranteed results.

Critical views of their customers on TruGreen lawn care services

Although there are no big complaints against TruGreen lawn care services on the internet but still few of their customers disagree and are dissatisfied with them. Following are some critical views on TruGreen lawn care service- 

Lack in scheduling 

One person complained that TruGreen services lack in scheduling the inspection and treatment. According to him, they respond late to emails and calls. 

This problem was raised when the world was suffering 1 year ago according to TruGreen which is quite understandable. 

Cancelled confirmed orders

A few of their customers complained that their confirmed orders got cancelled. The customers paid and confirmed their orders and scheduling but their orders got cancelled without giving them any notice. 

In reality, this problem rises 1/1000 times. In this case, customers get their refund if they get their order cancelled.

Conclusion on Trugreen lawn care

Above, we discussed the favorable and critical points of TruGreen lawn care services. 

In summary, TruGreen is a fast working guaranteed lawn care service that is best for buy scheduling people. They have working professionals and science-based experts who treat a lawn based on science. It takes responsibility for your lawn till the treatment of a damaged lawn into a healthy lawn. They provide you the report summary every 4 to 6 weeks at your home. This is the reason why people believe in TruGreen's transparency. 

For people who can treat and care for their lawns by themselves, it is good to follow the basics of lawn grass care.

Still, if you don't want to pay for lawn treatment, then it is better to analyse your lawn properly and treat it according to its proper research and basics.

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