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1,000 sq-ft Backyard sprinkler irrigation system cost in USA, requirements, and brief of sprinklers

The sprinkler irrigation system is very useful and become popular for irrigation in the USA, especially in lawns. Although some people are impressed with sprinklers also, they are curious about the estimated cost and requirements of sprinklers. 

Here, we will understand each term of requirement one by one and their estimated cost in the USA. 

Backyard sprinkler irrigation system cost in USA(1,000 sq-ft)

Sprinkler irrigation system is a long time plan for lawn or garden irrigation. It cost you very low amount in maintenance and irrigate automatically. 
Backyard sprinkler system cost in USA

Here we took a sample of a 1000-square feet backyard rectangular area to make things easy for you. In the case of circular or other curved areas, you can virtually divide your lawn area into a rectangular area. 

Sprinkler irrigation system Cost estimation(1,000 sq-ft)

Following is an estimated cost of sprinkler irrigation system for 1000 square feet area-

  • Sprinklers head(5 pieces)- $50
  • PVC pipes(130 feet)- $200
  • PVC elbow(6 pieces)- $25
  • PVC socket(12 pieces)- $25
  • Service saddle(5 pieces)- $25
  • PVC cutter- $5  
  • Inch tape- $10
  • Digging machine using cost- $100 
  • Thread role- $5
  • Main control valve- $40
  • Helping control valve(5)- $30
  • Pressure controller- $20
  • Sprinkler nozzles- $10
  • Water filter- $25
  • Water pump- $70
  • Sprinkler tubes(10 meters)- $30  
  • PVC cement- $20
  • PVC primer- $15
  • Maintenance cost- $100
  • Labor cost- $100
Total cost- $905

Estimated cost per square foot- $0.9 to $1.5

Estimated cost for 1000 square feet- $905 to $1,100, and without labor cost and least maintenance, it will cost you $700 to $710

You can follow the same process with the entire virtually divided rectangular area and use additional sprinklers in the rest of the area or increase the rotating angle of the same sprinklers- 

A brief description of requirements

To install a sprinklers irrigation system in your backyard (1000 sq ft) you need the following requirements- 

Lawn mapping

Most of the backyard lawns are almost rectangular but curved on either side or front. For circular lawns, it is easy to install and run sprinklers for irrigation. 

First, you should make a rough mapping of your backyard lawn or garden before installing sprinklers.

Digging permission NOC from local authority

In many reserved and conserved areas, government rules should be followed. If you try to dig without the permission of officials, then you may get in trouble. 

So ask for the permission of digging drains for the main pipeline. Keep a written permission NOC before digging in the lawn.

Sprinklers heads

You have a choice among various types of sprinklers. Either you can choose pop-up, Impact sprinklers, oscillating, traveling, and stationary sprinklers. 

Every particular sprinkler has its certain reach and rotation. It is always better to choose 360 degrees rotating sprinkler for your backyard. A very common distance for a sprinkler is 12 feet. Either you can cover a circular area from it or cover a semi-circular area of 180 degrees in your backyard. 

In a 1000 square meter area, you need 5 sprinklers head. 

In a rectangular backyard lawn, you can keep 4 sprinklers in the four corners and one in the center of the lawn. 

Corner sprinklers will cover the area on their 90 degrees rotation each and the rest of the lawn area will be covered by a central sprinkler head. Keep central sprinkler head on 360 degrees rotation. 

PVC pipes 

For the main water supply, you need PVC pipes of 3 inches to cover the yard perimeter and reach the sprinkler heads. 

In 1000 sq ft, you need 130 to 150 feet 3 inches PVC pipes. If you want more pressure then you can reduce the diameter of PVC pipes and take 2 inches of pipes. These pipes are available in sizes of 10 ft to 30 ft in the Market. 

PVC elbow 

You need 3 inches elbow and a 1-inch elbow to bind and deviate the main pipeline. On each 90-degree bend, you should use PVC elbows. 

PVC socket

To connect PVC main pipeline horizontally, we use PVC sockets. These sockets are very useful to airtight the connection horizontally. 

You need 3 inches and 1-inch sockets for your backyard lawn or garden according to your need. 

Basic tools 

Apart from sprinkler irrigation system parts, you need some basic tools to install them. Following are some other important requirements for a sprinkler system- 

  • PVC cutter- Helps to cut the PVC pipes as per need. 
  • Inch tape- To measure the length of the pipes. 
  • Thread role- To seal the joints with other elbows and valves. 
  • Digging machine- To make horizontally drain in the ground. 

Main control valve 

The main control valve usually connects with the source and supply line. In any emergency, you can directly stop the control valve and stop the overflow or wasting of water. 

If you use groundwater through an electric pump, then you need a strong metal valve to control the main supply. 

In case of pumping stored water from tanks,you can use ordinary strong valves just after the pump. Most of the time, we take control valves of 4 or above inches. 

Helping control valve

Helping control valves control each section of the supply pipeline and every sprinkler. If a sprinkler stops doing work or gets free then it helps control the valve help to stop the wastage of water. 

Also, if you want to use more or less water in a particular section of the backyard lawn, then you can control other sprinklers as well. 

It is better to take 4 inches of control valves.

Service saddle

The service saddle is very helpful to provide more flexibility to the sprinklers. It uses with the main water supply line with each sprinkler. With PVC pipes, don't use a metal service saddle otherwise it can rub or open cuts in the supply line. 

Although it is optional but very helpful in a larger area. 

Pressure gauge  

You should use a pressure gauge to keep eye on the supply pressure in case of groundwater pumping.

Water filter 

To filter all the dirt and impurities from water, we use a water filter with the main supply line. We adjust the water filter just after the main control valve. 

Ordinary water filters stop only mixed particles of dust but quality filters clean the overall impurities from the water. 

In the various sizes of water filters, you should go with the average filter for 1000 square feet of lawn. 

Plastic tubes 

Plastic tubes are flexible and easy to repair tubes that connect the main supply to the sprinklers. 

Plastic types help to move or change the direction and place of sprinklers. We keep the main supply pipeline 1 ft short and then connect plastic tubes of 1 inch with each sprinkler. 

It helps to improve the pressure of water in sprinklers too. 

PVC cement

PVC cement helps to bind all the pieces of PVC pipes for water supply. 

You should check the solution first whether it can is easy to bind PVC pipes or not. Stay away from fraud and fake PVC cement. 

PVC primer

You should use PVC primer just before using PVC cement. Primer helps to improve and bind the PVC joints strongly. Don't keep it open in the air for long. 

Is it good to have sprinklers for lawn irrigation in USA? 

Yes, undoubtedly. Sprinklers save time and water quantity on lawns. You can keep doing other work during the entire irrigation process. This system equally distributes water to each section of the lawn. 

Although it is difficult to install sprinklers without knowledge once you install that, they last for 5 years at least. It is easy to repair and its maintenance cost is average. It is thousands of times better than manual irrigation. 

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