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Trust basket services, prices, customer reviews, gardening compost bin(trustbin), pots, toolkit, plants, stands, and contact details in India 2022

Trust basket is a popular and leading Indian brand selling gardening requirements like pots, plants, seeds, containers, compost, etc.

Trust basket helps you with indoor and outdoor gardening requirements through their e-store. Also, they have most of the facilities for vertical farming and setup. People get worried about the quality and quantity of gardening products if they buy them online. 

So here, we described all the plans, services, and reviews of trust baskets to make things simple for you to choose trust baskets or not.

Trust basket services

Trust basket gardening kit

Whether it is a vegetable garden or any other garden indoor or outdoor, trust basket provides every required gardening tool. They provide their gardening kit with proper helping manuals so that you can easily understand their use even if you are a beginner in gardening. 

Trust basket review

This gardening kit has multiple tools like Garden scissors for pruning, 

  • Durable steel planter accessories
  • Sprayer gun
  • All-purpose garden kit
  • Garden cultivator 
  • Pressure sprayer
  • Garden shears
  • Gardening khurpa
  • Weeder 
  • Garden hose
  • Coir mulch mats
  • Sprayer bottle

Trust basket Services

  • Trust basket Composters/Trustbin

Design based on Japanese technology, trust basket provides you composters at affordable prices with a proper manual. For those who don't know about composters, it helps you to make compost from daily organic kitchen waste. 

Trust basket composters reduce your expenses on buying compost and worry about the quality and fertile compost. You can easily harvest compost from organic waste only in a few days. In other words, composters help to reduce organic waste and garbage from home. 

  • Trust basket pots

Trust basket provides almost every kind of garden pot from hanging planters to tabletop planters. One can order through the trust basket e-store for any kind of pot he/she wants. 

For decor plants, indoor plants, outdoor plants, and plant vines, the trust basket gives the option of customized pots for particular requirements. Trust basket provides three kinds of pots made of plastic, metal, and ceramic. 

  • Trust basket seeds and plants

Trust basket claim to provide you high quality, hygienic, hybrid seeds, and open-pollinated seeds. You can order any high-quality vegetable seeds, flower seeds, greens, and fruit seeds from the trust basket. 

You also have an option to order nursery plants from the trust basket. 

  • Trust basket supplies for gardening

Trust basket claim to provide high many gardening accessories including hanging hooks, various stands, bird stands, and irrigation system. 

  • Trust basket fertilizers and pesticides

Trust basket provides you with natural and organic fertilizers for your garden plants care. They also provide harmless organic pesticides that don't affect the growth of plants but remove pests and weeds. If you have a birdhouse in your garden, then you don't have to worry about bird feed because trust baskets provide high-quality bird feed. You can select from their e-shop and order online. 

Trust basket public ratings 

Overall, we explained most of the services, plans, and terms of the Trust basket. But still, their customers review is pending. Here, we made a table data based on customer's usage (collected from YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and offline chat) their prices, products, services satisfaction, and based on people's opinions.

The following table gives you a preview image of the Trust basket-

Trust basket reviews

Customer reviews in favor of Trust basket

We made a generalized review of trust basket for that data is collected through,, Facebook, and other offline and online sources in favor of trust basket. Following are some points based on their customers that favor trust basket-

  • Trust basket is a trustable fufill almost every requirement of your need including decor to informal gardening.
  • Their doorstep services are fast and professional. 
  • Trust basket tools are premium and easy to use along with the helping manual. They made tools for every single gardening-related work and made them of quality material. 
  • Seeds quality is quite good as they are already treated and disease free most of the time. These seeds are affordable and hybrid that have odd conditions handling abilities.
  • Trustbasket turstbin is very helpful and encourages organic farming. Even a beginner can make compost with the help of the turstbin of trust basket. It satisfies people to get rid of the garbage and home organic waste. 
  • All the fertilizers and quite natural and organic that trust baskets provide to their customers. They also provide harmless pesticides for gardening. 
  • You get exclusive offers and coupon codes for a discount on various prices.

Critical customer reviews of Trust basket

Similarly, for critical reviews, we collected the data from the same process we did in favor of the trust basket. Following are some general critical reviews about the trust basket- 

  • Sometimes it is complicated to exchange defective products from the trust basket. 
  • If you break any product just after receiving it, you will not get a refund even if you didn't use them. 
  • You don't get a huge discount on later orders on the trust basket. 

Trust basket prices

Although Trust basket claims that you can get their services at affordable prices but in far regions, you may feel their prices are a bit costlier. In the locality, trust basket provides its products at affordable prices. 

The following will give you an estimation of trust basket prices for various gardening products-

  • Gardening kit- From 500 INR to 2,500 INR
  • Gardening pots- From 50 INR to 500 INR
  • Fertilizers and pesticides-  From 300 INR to 1,200 INR
  • Composter/Trustbin-  From 1,000 INR to 2,500 INR
  • Seeds and plants-  From 200 INR/kg to 500 INR/kg

Trust basket contact details

It is easy to contact trust basket through online and offline both methods. Either you can contact on +919686432432 or mail at Trust basket contact.

You can also visit their stores and they will solve your queries. 

Trust basket reliability

Well, trust basket is not so popular just because of brand value. Over the years, they built trust with their customers. There are not many cases that claim that trust basket made any fraud with them. Every time, either people become satisfied or disappointed, they get every possible help from the side of the trust basket. 

They provide your order on your doorsteps carefully and on time. 

Trust basket is among one the most popular gardening brands in India. They always promise and deliver you what you need at affordable prices. Their quality of the material is premium most of the time but it is possible that you will get defected piece someday but they immediately exchange on any complaint. 

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