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7 Most profitable farming in Florida(USA) 2022, yield, investment, and profit per acre

Although there are many seasonal crops, vegetables, and non-food crops in agriculture, most of them mainly purpose to fulfill the primary need for food. Because of living priorities, it is not possible to earn high profits from such crops.  Is that mean the crops are not profitable? There are specific crops that are highly profitable. According to geography, there are different crops for different regions.  Let's talk about some of the highly profitable farming crops in Florida(USA). Most profitable farming yield in Florida(USA) 2022 Let's understand the crops that don't ask for high investment as well as that ask for high investment.  We selected some of the highly profitable crops but if and only if farmers grow them with proper training, care, and management. Wasabi farming in Florida Wasabi farming is one of the most profitable crops in the world. Wasabi is an underground growing stem that grows horizontally. It tastes spicy flavor and uses in  Wasabi takes 18 months to

Eco friendly farming, techniques, and Importance in sustainable agriculture

With the curent rate of global development, most people are unaware of the problems we are going to face in the future because we are making everything comfortable. In the upcoming future, we are going to face(facing some of them currently) major problems like energy sources, soil conservation, water conservation, and forest conservation. We are losing natural resources very fast and soon we will face the impact of it in our daily life.  We have to deal with these problems and encourage and implement the eco-friendly methods of agriculture and energy sources to sustain in future. Let's understand the eco-friendly techniques of agriculture. Eco-friendly farming and techniques  Let's understand the eco-friendly techniques of agriculture. Eco-friendly farming techniques Following are some eco-friendly farming techniques that can make a change in the global problems regarding the conservation and to sustain natural resources Organic agriculture  Organic farming is very different fr

Precision farming, components, working technology, advantages and disadvantages, scope in rural India

Every year, millions of liters of water, tonnes of fertilizers, and pesticides use in agriculture. Every farmer knows the approximate figure for using the amount of these. But practically, people use an unnecessary amount of the components of agriculture. This is not good for sustainable agriculture.  Precision farming helps to overcome the problem and reduce the wastage of water, fertilizers, and pesticides and save money and time. Let's discuss how it works. Precision farming and technology  Let's start from starting. Let's understand the working of precision farming and then move on to the technology use in precision farming.  What is precision farming? Precision farming is a modern agriculture technique that helps to improve the overall productivity of crops by making precise data and predictions regarding soil needs, plant growth, and weather. Working of precision farming Precision farming collects the sample data of soil and generalizes it by mapping soil, land, and m

Terrace vegetable garden, containers, list, space management, and setup cost

People are becoming aware of the vegetable quality in the market. They know many vegetables are growing in harmful chemical fertilizers.  In urban areas, the land is costly so everyone can't grow vegetables at home. To solve this problem, you can make a terrace vegetable garden at home. You can grow most of the varieties of  vegetables at home Let's understand how can you grow vegetables in the terrace garden with proper space management.  Terrace vegetable garden and setup  To start a vegetable garden on your terrace, you need a proper setup of basic requirements to grow and protect vegetables. Let's understand what are these requirements and how to implement them.  Terrace vegetable garden requirements Soil mixture preparation For every plant vegetable, you need a particular ratio of garden soil, organic compost, and river sand. This mixture combination provide all the necessary elements for initial and further growth to each plant.  Suppose, to grow cauliflower at home,

How to grow a lemon tree/plant in pots/containers in pots/containers at home?

In summers, lemon juice is very affective to cool down body temperature, Vitamin-C, kidney stones, reduce body weight, and few other diseases. Its a small fruit but very affective.  You can grow lemon in your gardens too. Actually, lemon tree should be common in all the terrace or ground gardens. So I hope, if you have a garden then you will plant lemon for sure.  Let's understand how to grow lemon in pots at home.  How to grow a lemon tree/plant at home in the garden? Let's start with the requirements to grow lemon first.  Lemon tree farming requirements at home Pots/containers It doesn't make too much difference to choose either cement, soil pots, or plastic bags pots for lemon plants cultivation at home.  For each plant, you need 15 to 20 inches in diameter and a 12 to 15 inches deep pot. One thing common among all these pots is drainage holes to release extra water and moisture from the soil. This unnecessary water can damage the roots and reduce the growth of the lemon

How to grow Strawberries in pots/containers at home/terrace garden

Strawberry plant produce 25 to 40 strawberries in a season of strawberry cultivation. A strawberry plant can live up to 4 to 5 years. Each cycle of every plant producing strawberries is 8 to 9 months. You can grow strawberries at home or even in your terrace garden pots. So let's understand how to do so with easy steps of learning.    How to grow strawberries in pots/containers at home In comparison of direct soil land, strawberry plants grow better in pots/containers. In each pot you can look the growth of each plant at a time and keep them in good shape. So without making things complex, let understand with the requirements first-  Requirements to grow strawberries in pots/containers Let's start with the basic requirements. You need to be aware during the selection of pots/containers, preparation of soil, and your local region's climate. Preparation of soil mixture Like any other plant, the strawberry plant can't grow in direct garden soil because of low fertility and

How to grow Dragonfruits in containers/pots terrace gardens at home

Some people confuse between cactus and dragonfruit. But it easy to differentiate them both. A dragonfruit plant produce 4 to 6 dragonfruit in a season. It like summer and high temperature climate conditions.  An average draonfruit weight is 300 to 500 grams. Sometimes it can be over 600 grams. In global markets, dragonfruit is costlier  than any common fruit. It is not easily available everywhere. But it can grow at home gardens/terrace in your house.  Let's understand today how to grow dragonfruit at your terrace garden.  How to grow Dragonfruits at home? Dragonfruit is full of carbs, vitamin C, fibers, and almost zero in fat. It increase the immunity of human body and provide quality benefits quickly.  Methods of growing dragonfruits at terrace garden There are two fundamental methods to grow dragonfruit in the terrace garden. These two methods are differentiated at initial steps and the time period of yield.  Growing dragonfruits from seeds Dragonfruit plants take a longer time

How to grow carrots in pots/containers at home/garden

One of the most common element of our daily consumption is carrot. People eat carrot as salad, as vegetable, soup, and for  many other purposes.  You know that a beginner can grow carrots at home if he is able to take care of plants and aware of circumstances and odd results. Don't worry it is not a difficult task but you have to be active from starting to the end of  the process. How to grow carrots at home or in the garden? I'm convinced that you are here to learn how to grow carrots  at home in containers. Let's start with the requirements first- Requirements to grow carrots at home Carrots can't grow in odd climate conditions, not in odd soil fertility, not even in odd water irrigation. If you want to grow carrots at home, you have to be careful and aware of the various stages of carrot plant growth.  Following are some of the fundamental requirements to grow carrots at home in containers/pots  Type of Containers/pots to grow carrots You can either use black plastic

How to grow brinjal plants from seeds in containers/pots at home/garden

Brinjal  is a very general vegeatable but most of the people don't know the benefits of it. Brinjal is full of antioxidants and minearls. It helps to balance the blood sugar level and can help to reduce heart diseases. People can grow fresh brinjals in their gardens, terrace or pots at home.  How to grow brinjal plants at home? Brinjal growing is a bit difficult in comparison to cucumber and broccoli growing in pots. Brinjal can have multiple diseases during mid growth. So it is important to deal with them with organic pesticides(avoid chemical ones).  Let's understand the entire process of growing brinjal plants in pots/containers at home-  Requirements to grow brinjals at home in containers Type of containers/pots Each time we see that if people grow plants/vegetables at home they use either plastic containers or thin plastic bags. One other alternative for plastic containers is hard loamy soil pots.  It depends on your choice that what kind of pots/containers you are going

How to grow broccoli in pots/containers at home/terrace/garden, season, care, and process

Most people become so conscious about their health after they get fat or overweight. They either try to eat nothing or they overexercise in a limited time. These two steps impact badly on the growth of the human body. You can't stop eating if you are overweight. You just need a good healthy diet and quality exercise.  Broccoli solves the problem of a light diet that satisfies the stomach equivalent. Broccoli is low in carbs, average in nutrients and most part of it is water.  It helps to make you go ahead to lose weight. You will not get fat after eating broccoli(almost 0% fat), so don't worry about it. How to grow broccoli in pots at home? You can easily grow broccoli in your garden, terrace, or in pots. Let's understand how to grow broccoli in pots/containers at home-  Requirements to grow broccoli at home Soil type, pH, and moisture to grow broccoli Any garden soil can use in broccoli production but it needs to get fertile first. The pH of such garden soil must be betwee