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Sahiwal cow, milk per day, price, milk price per liter, identity, dairy farming performance

Once there was a time when local desi Indian cow breeds produced a high milk yield. It was easy for desi cows to produce 20 to 25 liters of milk daily without any hesitation.   But in the present time, things are changed. How many times do people talk about desi cows for the dairy farming business? Most people are now interested in Foreign breeds like Jersey and HF like cows.  Let's understand the Sahiwal cow and her performance in the dairy farming business. Sahiwal cow and milk production  Let's start with identity terms of Sahiwal cow to identify a pure Sahiwal cow breed- Sahiwal cow identity Head - Sahiwal cow head is long in size and round on forehead in shape.  Weight - Sahiwal cow is a heavyweight animal. The average Sahiwal cow weight is 450 kg. Color - Mostly, Sahiwal cows are red and brownish in color but sometimes, the color can be a mixture of golden and brown.  Navel - Sahiwal cow navel is 3-4 inches in size. It is almost between the front and back legs.  Eyes- Sah

Rohu fish farming, project report, price, investment, and profit per acre

In terms of protein, vitamin A, B, omega-3, and mercury, Rohu fish is high source of these. Rohu fish contains good amount of fat that provide benefits for human body.  Rohu fish farming business is profitable. According to Rohu fish demand in market, its production is not enough. Although it gives yield at least in 8 months, but still it is highly profitable for business purpose.  Let's look at an overview on requirements, estimated investment and profit per acre on Rohu fishes.  Rohu fish farming The deciding factor of Rohu farming success is the quality of feed, atmosphere, water quality, and mortality rate.  Is Rohu fish farming profitable? In short terms, a big No. In longer terms, Yes. Absolutely. As you can see above data, Rohu fish farming reduces the pond cost and oxygen pumping cost from the total revenue. It means you will get negligible profit on your first harvesting of Rohu fish.  From the second cycle, you just have to invest in your seeds, electricity, maintenance,

Shrimp farming in Alabama(USA), requirements, investment, profit, and yield per acre

Day by day the demand of shrimps is increasing in the global market. These shrimps generally live in sea water but you  can do arrangement to raise them in your farm.  Till the date, most of the people are unaware that they can do shrimp farming in their own farms.  By reading the following, you will get an overview of shrimp farming in one acre land and will understand the investment and profit terms in USA.  Shrimp(prawns) farming in the Alabama(USA) People don't have shrimp farms everywhere in USA. Texas is the main place where most of the people practice shrimp farming.  Today, you will understand how can a person start shrimp farm in Alabama, USA.  Let's start with the requirements, investment, and profit per acre land.  Requirements for Shrimp farming in Alabama(USA) Pond preparation If you reserve an acre of land area for your shrimp farming, then the best way is to make ponds in divided sections. It helps to clean and manage the ponds. If your shrimps get infections the

Gir cow milk per day, price, identity, feeding, ghee, and use in dairy farming

Most people keep doubts in their minds that desi cows are not good to start a dairy farming business of high investment and low production of milk. But Gir cow is among those high milk-producing cows that can compete with HF and Jersey in some sense.    Gir cow and milk production in India Even after keeping a desi tag, Gir cows are either the first or the second choice to start dairy farming in most of the country regions in India. Gir cow milk and Ghee quality is very unique and high, feeding and caring are very affordable and easy to manage even in a small budget.  Gir cows are very productive and useful in Sustainable dairy farming projects. Gir cow identity Head and body structure Gir cow head is quite different from other desi cow breeds. Gir cow's forehead is Bulging out. Her horns are quite curved upwards. These horns are not so big but they are one of the signs to identify the Gir cow breed. Just beside horns, Gir cow ears rest downwards. Jersey cow eyes color is black but

Tharparkar cow, milk per day, price, identity, and performace in dairy farming

In climate diverse Indian conditions, only particular kinds of cows are there that can survive in multiple regions. Most of the Indian cows may not survive either in hilly areas or desert regions.  Tharparkar cow is among the few cows that can survive in almost 80% of Indian states. For commercial compost making , Tharparkar cows are very useful. Tharparkar cow and milk production  Tharparkar cow is a deshi cow that is originated in the Thar desert region(Tharparkar district of current Pakistan). In India, the Tharparkar cow's origin is in Rajasthan.  How to identify Tharparkar cow? Let's understand how to identify Tharparkar cow Size and weight - Tharparkar cow is a medium-size 3.4 feet to 3.75 feet deshi cow. A young Tharparkar cow's average weight is around 350 kg. Jersey cows are heavier and taller than the Tharparkar cows.  Head - The Tharparkar head is average size with a wider forehead. Tharparkar cow has bigger black eyes in comparison to other cows. Just behind the

Rathi cow/cattle, price, breed identity, and milk per day in India

Most people believe in foreign cow breeds to start a dairy farming business like Jersey cow, HF cows, etc.  Low milk production is the reason which forces them to go with non-deshi cows. But later, overall investment in caring, feeding, and vaccination, foreign cows cost more than deshi and overall profit come near deshi cow profit in the same lactation period.  Rathi cow/cattle Rathi cow is one of the most underrated cow breeds in India. It has a mixed identity of Sahiwal, Gir, and a little bit Tharparkar. Sometimes, Rathi cow produces the same quantity of milk as Sahiwal does.  How to identity Rathi breed cow? Rathi cow produces enough milk even only dependency on dry fodder and almost zero green fodder which is tremendous.  Following factors are important to identify Rathi cow- Color - Rathi cow doesn't available in a particular color, instead, she is available in a mix of color patches. They can be black with white patches, brown with white patches, muddy with cream patches, an

Dairy Farming, business project report, shed design, investment, and profit on 20 cows

Dairy farming  resolves the issue of options of protein and fat to vegetarians on a large scale.  India  produces more than 20% of total milk production globally every year. These days global milk production raises up to more than 530 million metric tons per annum.            In some countries, cow's milk is the first choice to consume but some people love buffalo milk also.   Dairy farming for milk(Cow) Let's get familiar with milk of dairy animals Components of milk of various animals (nutrients, protein and fat)  1. Cow milk  - 86 % water, 5 % carbohydrates, 4 % fat, 3 % protein and 2 % minerals  2. Buffalo milk - 6 % fat, 82 % water, 4 % carbohydrates, 6 % protein, and 2 % minerals.  3. Goat milk - 5% fat, 4 % protein, 3.5% carbs, 0.5 % nutrients and 87% water. Before getting start your Dairy farming business For cow milk Dairy, you should have proper housing, water, cure, feeding, light, and professional milking machines. This is a long-term investment, so don't bother