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Biofloc fish farming project report, requirements, investment Cost, and biofloc Profit

Biofloc fish farming method is one of those methods in which the mortality rate of fish reduces to 1 to 2% maximum. It is a modern scientific method of raising fish. Instead of using pond culture for fish farming, Biofloc fish tank use. Biofloc fish farming is a process of raising fishes in which, fish can consume protein from their waste and care them from the effect of ammonia.  Biofloc fish farming In Biofloc fish farming method, a Biofloc fish tank is created for fishes in which they stay for at least 5 months. You don't need to invest much in their feed through the time of harvesting. Here we discussed the investment and profit estimation to make a biofloc tank and estimation till the end of first cycle of fishes.  There are many advantages of the Biofloc fish farming method as it cleans the water impurities for fish. It's a low-budget highly profitable method of raising fish.  Investment in the making of a Biofloc fish pond There are two phases of investment in biofloc fi

Jersey cow, milk per day, price, identity, and milk price in India

In dairy farming, every business individual or company wants extra milk production in available resources. For this case, your breed of selection to start dairy farming is important. Jersey cow originated in Britain(isle Jersey), in the 18th century. Later, it came to South Asian countries. Jersey cows live for 20 to 25 years and after 30 months they start to decrease the amount of milk production.  Currently, the world has more than a total 980 million of cattle. India has more than 300 million Jersey cattle and it holds the number one position with it.  Jersey Cow and milk production Jersey cow breed identity Color-  They mostly have the same color range from light brown to black and few continuous spots at back thigh areas to tail. They originally have a black tail and long heads. Size and weight Weight - 340 kg to 430 kg.  Size - Jersey cow doesn't have a heavy body structure like other cow breeds. They contain heavy nipples(almost double to triple) unlike ordinary and cross br

Goat farming, project report(20+1), requirements, investment, and profit in 2022

People are encouraged to start a goat farm after seeing the profit of other goat farms. Although it is a good business model, people don't care about the consequences of bad implementation and lack of knowledge.  So we suggest you get physical training first and then follow this project model. Let's understand how to develop goat farms, goat breeds, methods of implementation, precautions, investment, and profit of goat farming business on 20+1 goats. Goat farming  Working of goat farming business model The goat farming business works for two purposes; for meat and milk. For 20 goats, people usually take 1 male-goat, but sometimes you can take 2, it depends on you. Reason is simple, because people believe that 1 is a lucky number. People consume Goat meat more than goat milk, which is why most people establish it for meat. But actually, a bigger number of goats can generate a good income from milk alone. To raise goats for meat,  there is a principle of increasing production.  G

Layer farming project report, business plan for 10000 birds, requirements, investment, and profit in egg layer farming

Every day more than 30 million eggs are consumed by people globally and 13.1 billion eggs per month Egg is become one of the best choices in the 21st century to cover the lack of protein in the body.  People are using eggs in their breakfast, lunch, and gym diet. People consume eggs in two different ways; boiling and frying. Layer farming is different from  chicken farming for meat. Layer farming project report Let us understand first about the layer farming and its working principle.  What is layer farming? Layer farming is a method of producing chicken eggs by farming which is used as a business on a very large scale to fulfill the demand of people.  This kind of business has a very large investment which is included with housing for chickens, layer platforms, feeding, water, electricity, anti-fungal infection medicine. Layer farming investment for 10,000 birds Before getting into layer farming business, it  will be good for you to  understand the basic investment of layer farming. I

Scope of Integrated Farming System for all farmers

In largely populated countries, the land is a big concern in a point of view of living and growing food. Upcoming Time will be so challenging for people because of the population and food.  An i ntegrated farming system  is a scientific and eco-friendly way to solve the issue of food production in enough quantity.  In India, there is a huge number of small farmers in those face losses every year. LEt's understand possibilities of integrated farming system among small Indian farmers.  Scope of Integrated farming system  Let's understnad first what is integrated farming system-  Integrated farming system  definition     The word Integrated farming says about the integration of multiple types of farming at once on the same Land.  An integrated farming method combines plant and animal farming both at once on the same Land.  This method is helpful to increase income in a limited amount of investment on small agricultural land.  Only food crops or non-food crops or animal farming hav