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Mushroom cultivation project report for 5000 bags, investment, and profit in 2022

Mushroom is a strong alternative for vegan people in comparison to non-veg. Mushroom is best source of protein, and fulfill the need of fibre,  vitamin c, manganese, iron, zinc and more other nutrients. In Indian markets there are few mushroom like Oyster and white button mushroom are most popular among people. In present time, mushrooms are very high in demand and in future they are going to be more popular. So there is a huge scope of mushroom cultivation in India.   There are total 14000+ species of mushroom but most of them are poisonous. Only few of them are for eating, like  oyster mushroom,  white button mushroom, enoki mushroom,  shimeji mushroom,  porcini and paddy straw mushroom.  Mushroom cultivation project report Mushrooms grows in a dark place inside  compost bags. These compost bags provide them all necessary elements to grow but standard quality of compost is required.  You can buy it from outside or you can make of your own. Let's understand the requirements for mu

Lemongrass cultivation project report, process of growing, investment, and profit per acre in India

In India, only 0.03 percent of the farmers practice lemongrass cultivation per year. Neither any animal eat lemongrass nor any kind of fungal infections or diseases touch the lemongrass. Sometimes it's leaves get dry because of dryness and they become green again in presence of moisture, otherwise lemongrass is healthy plant that grow for the whole year.   Once you plant lemongrass, you will get the yield for the next five years on a certain difference of time. Maximum, you can get three to four(sometimes) yields of lemongrass per year. You don't need to sow another lemongrass cuttings till the time.  Lemongrass cultivation project report(1-acre) The main purpose of the cultivation of lemongrass is to get the lemongrass plant oil. This lemongrass oil uses in the making of detergent, soap, cosmetic products, and some particular medicines. People get confused about yield, investment, and profit per acre before getting start lemongrass cultivation. Let's understand how lemongr

Tharparkar cow, milk per day, price, identity, and performace in dairy farming

In climate diverse Indian conditions, only particular kinds of cows are there that can survive in multiple regions. Most of the Indian cows may not survive either in hilly areas or desert regions.  Tharparkar cow is among the few cows that can survive in almost 80% of Indian states. For commercial compost making , Tharparkar cows are very useful. Tharparkar cow and milk production  Tharparkar cow is a deshi cow that is originated in the Thar desert region(Tharparkar district of current Pakistan). In India, the Tharparkar cow's origin is in Rajasthan.  How to identify Tharparkar cow? Let's understand how to identify Tharparkar cow Size and weight - Tharparkar cow is a medium-size 3.4 feet to 3.75 feet deshi cow. A young Tharparkar cow's average weight is around 350 kg. Jersey cows are heavier and taller than the Tharparkar cows.  Head - The Tharparkar head is average size with a wider forehead. Tharparkar cow has bigger black eyes in comparison to other cows. Just behind the

'Money plant in water', growing process, Care, and Benefits

There are few plant vines, which you can use inside your house without any stake of danger. Usually, a single  Money plant  can live for 12 to 15 years but it provides you more than this. You can get the unimaginable number of plants from a half or fully grown money plant. It can be grown in Lesser light or dark. Because of its benefits and unique qualities, it became a traditional plant in the last 2 centuries. It is popular in some eastern countries like Australia, many South Asian countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, etc. Money plant in water  Money plant  Mony plant is a type of vine that has  heart-shaped leaves . These leaves can be flat or a bit inclined sometimes. Surprisingly, most of the time, every branch of the money plant has a maximum of 5 leaves.  South Asia have the most number of money plants in the world. Every country of this region has unique species of money plant.   In  India , White pathos, neon pathos, green money plant, and golden

Sugarcane yield per acre, Investment, and profit in USA

Sugarcane is one of the biggest seasonal non-food crops. The overall yield of sugarcane depends on some basic elementary factors of seasonal cultivation. Brazil is on first place that produce most sugarcane yield in the world. India follow them with 25 M Metric tons.  Let's understand the sugarcane yield in India per acre of land.  Sugarcane yield per acre in USA The average height of sugarcane plant - 12 feet Total cuttings sow in per acre land - 80,000 to 90,000 plants The line to line distance of each plant - 20 cm   Plant to plant distance of each plant - 25 cm The average weight of each plant - 2kg/stem portion of sugarcane Sugarcane yield per square meter - 20 plants Yield per acre - 75,000 to 80,000 plants The average weight of yield(with green portion) per acre -100 to 150 tons After possible mortality rate - 70 to 80 tons The above data shows the ideal and potential yield from one acre land of sugarcane cultivation. You may also like  Onion yield per hectare Aloe vera yiel

Ginger farming production, requirements, and process of cultivation

Like Garlic, Ginger is an important component of Asian dishes. Ginger is one of those few roots that use in almost every country dish like curry, soup, noodles, veg, and most of the non-veg dishes of Southern Asia. Every year more than 2.5 M tonnes of ginger produce in the world. India is the most ginger-producing country among South Asian countries with 1.7 M tonnes.  Let's understand how ginger cultivation practices? Ginger farming and production  Ginger cultivation is not common as other seasonal cultivation of Rabi, Kharif, and Zaid crops. Ginger yield under the ground as roots.    These Ginger yields get sprout and plant from the ginger cuttings.   Ginger plant The ginger plant is a single leaf plant that's green portion is of folded leaves.  A mature garlic plant leaf can grow up to two feet and yield in the soil can grow up to 100 grams. Every single plant produces a single garlic piece like an onion plant.  Requirements for ginger cultivation Ginger cultivation duration