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Avocado farming in garden pots, requirements, process of growing, season, and harvesting

Avocado is one of those fruits that you can consume almost daily. It has multiple health benefits including improving heart health, blood pressure, fiber, vitamin C, B, K, and potassium. The buttery texture of avocado is very tasty to eat and healthy as well. Avocado plants are possible to grow in general places and even possible to grow in odd climate conditions.  Let's understand how can you grow avocado plants in your garden.  Avocado farming in pots First of all, you need to understand that avocado fruits grow on avocado trees. When we say we are going to grow them in pots, it simply means that for the initial growth of avocado, we use pots to make a perfect plant. Let's start to understand the growth of avocados in pots for your garden. Season of growing avocado In India, avocado farming starts in the spring season. You can start avocado farming from the end of February to end of the March. It is not bad to grow avocado in the late spring season.   Once your avocado plant

Lawn moss removing in USA, Causes, and treatment of moss affected areas in lawn

It is very common that many times lawn grass either gets dead or it gets moss. In both cases, either you use don't irrigate your lawn grass properly or you don't have a proper drainage system. There are multiple reasons for moss on the lawn. People get frustrated because of lawn moss but it is not harmful. Although there are many disadvantages of lawn moss it is not harmful to humans or animals. Let's understand why moss appears on lawn grass? And how can we demoss lawn with and without using chemical moss killers?  Moss in lawn removal and treatment of affected area in USA What causes moss on the lawn? Moss is a sign of disturbance in soil health, lack of drainage system, and a shady atmosphere.  It is seen that moss can appear due to single or multiple reasons. But a common reason for moss on the lawn is overmoisture. Moisture is related to both mosses appearing causes like soil situation and shady atmosphere.  Acidic soil is very bad for the lawn because its combination

Growing Bonnie spider plant indoor in USA, requirements, process of growing, and care in USA

Daily smoking inside, stove gases, dust, and bad management decrease the air quality indoors. People believe that it doesn't affect their lives and they become careless just by opening the windows. In reality, it is not 100% clean and improves air quality indoors.  Researchers found few indoor plants to deal with polluted and unfiltered air indoors. Spider plants are one of those few indoor plants that grow slowly but maintain the air quality in the room. Spider plants are good-looking home decor plants as well. Note : Here, we are going to use the 'spider plant' term for the whole 'bonnie spider plant' in the rest of the content. So don't get confused with it. Indoor Bonnie spider plant in USA Bonnie is a variety of spider plant that has curly leaves compared to other spider plant varieties.   Scientifically we call it ' Chlorophytum comosum ' Bonnie spider plant leaves are green with white strips and hang towards the bottom. It can grow with 1.5 to 2

Carbon farming in USA, example, how to do carbon-neutral farming, and methods

An increasing percentage of atmospheric carbon is a big cause of global warming.  Not just the industrialization increased carbon percentage but many agricultural activities are also responsible for this. It starts from agriculture and affects agriculture badly. Let's understand carbon-neutral farming and how to improve soil carbon through agricultural practices.  Carbon farming in USA The carbon farming method uses to optimize the percentage of carbon in the soil and atmosphere. Through this method, we try to reduce unnecessary or increased(non-balancing) percentage of carbon in the atmosphere and transfer it directly to the soil.  Plants consume carbon through the roots and transfer it further in the synthesis sections. Thus, we can reduce a good amount of carbon from the atmosphere through carbon farming.   Causes of carbon emission in the USA through agricultural activities There are several causes of carbon emission in the atmosphere through agricultural activities or agricult

Cotton farming, yield per hectare, growing stages, season, investment, and profit per hectare

Cotton is a non-food cash crop and profitable too. It is one of the most used raw materials for daily uses since a couple of thousands of years ago. People used it to make their clothes, winter cushions, mattress, and making filters for various reasons.  Let's understand the cotton farming, basic requirements to grow, harvest, and return rate of the cotton crop. Cotton farming and production cost Cotton is a Kharif season crop that doesn't need too much rain or too dry weather to grow. Cotton plants produce fiber and seeds both. The fiber is use for cloth making and seeds use to extract cotton oil.  It is not possible to grow cotton everywhere in the world. We need a proper requirement system to grow cotton. Following are some of the basic requirements and management of the cotton crop. Cotton farming requirements Following are the basic requirements to grow cotton plants- Soil type and pH Although the popular soil for cotton farming is black cotton soil but sometimes alluvial

Sirohi goat, identity, price, milk per day, and origin of Sirohi goat

Before starting a goat farming business, several questions raises in mind of people to start a goat farm. Like what is the best breed for meat purposes, milk purposes, and is highly profitable. Sirohi goat solves these problems as it is highly profitable for goat farming. Sirohi goats are good for meat purposes, milk purposes, and breeding purposes too.  Let's understand how can you figure out the identity factors of Sirohi goats and their performance in the goat farming business.  Sirohi goat and performance in farming business  Although many factors decide a goat farm is profitable but basic factor is the selection of goat breed. Sirohi goats(male) are heavy in size, easy to identify, and best for breeding business.   Let's understand with Sirohi goats identity- Sirohi goat identity The following are basic identity factors that decide a goat breed is a Sirohi goat- Head Generally, both male and female Sirohi goats have a medium head. This head is almost plane and triangular f