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NexGreen lawn care services in USA, customer reviews, contact, and additional services

NexGreen is a lawn care service company that provides almost every kind of lawn service. According to NexGreen, their services are eco-friendly and use less amount of fertilizers and pesticides.

Let's understand what are the services NexGreen provides and their reviews in eyes of their customers.  

NexGreen lawn care in the USA

Although NexGreen is not popular as TruGreen lawn care still some points will make you reconsider your choice of selecting a perfect service for your lawn. 

NexGreen lawn care service in USA

Following are the lawn care services that NexGreen provides to their customers-

NexGreen lawn care services

NexGreen treats a lawn in its six applications. Their expert staff practices this application throughout the year to give you the best results. Following are the six applications of NexGreen-

  1. In the first application, NexGreen visits and inspects the lawn condition just after winter. Expert member of NexGreen collects the data on problems and conditions of the lawn that need to be treated. In case of general problems, they apply bio-nutrients and try to grow grass in early spring. They also deal with weeds and clean crabgrass
  2. In the second application, NexGreen experts continue to remove weeds and focus on the strength of the roots of lawn grass. Their practices lead toward a healthy and thick grass lawn. They also try to make grass able to defend against weeds and other invading lawn grasses like Bermuda and Quackgrass. Meanwhile, experts apply eco-friendly products like fertilizers and herbicides on the lawn to get better results. 
  3. In the third application, they use bio=-nutrients to make lawn grass healthier in the summer heat and for better cell structure of lawn grass. Meanwhile, they continue to handle weeds. It is recommended from NexGreen's side to use grub preventative treatment in the same application. 
  4. Till now, your lawn reach mid-year. In this visit, NexGreen experts check the improvement of your lawn since its first application. They also notice the current needs of your lawn. According to lawn needs, NexGreen uses more fertilizers, treats weeds, and adds post-emergents. NexGreen wants you to depend on their services to deal with lawn grass problems during this visit. 
  5. The next visit comes in the fall. In this application, experts work to release the summer stress on the lawn. Meanwhile, they regularly remove weeds from the lawn. According to their inspection, they aerate(core) and overseed the lawn to increase the thickness and quality of the lawn. 
  6. In the final application, NexGreen experts apply final fertilizers to the lawn to face the rough winter. This is the last fertilization before going into winter dormancy. Also, they expect that lawn grass will become green again in the next early spring.

Other additional services of NexGreen

Preventative Grub Control

To prevent damage by pests, NexGreen applies grub control on the lawn. This grub control process starts in May last and continues until August.

Soil Conditioner

To maintain the soil pH of the lawn, NexGreen applies conditioners to make lawn soil absorb required nutrients easily. First experts check the soil pH and then they use soil conditioners accordingly. 

Aeration And Overseeding

In the fall, experts aerate and overseed the lawn to make lawn able to survive in the upcoming winter. They improve soil airflow. Aeration helps to send and absorb necessary nutrients and water in the soil. 

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter pest control helps to reduce earwigs, spiders, centipedes, chiggers, and millipedes. This process starts in warm weather conditions to prevent such pests from the lawn. 

Flea And Tick Control

To remove active pests from the lawn, flea and tick control applications uses throughout the season. It also helps to reduce the risks of Lyme disease. 

Trees and shrub care

  • Spring fertilization to protect plant health(In spring)
  • Disease and insect protection to prevent damage to new growth(In mid-spring)
  • Disease and insect protection to stop recurrent pests(Early summer)
  • Disease and insect protection to shield against late-season pests(Summer)
  • Fall fertilization to improve root growth and total plant health(Early fall)
  • Horticulture oils to protect against winter pests(fall)

NexGreen contact details

You can contact NexGreen by sending your query through email to NexGreen. They will respond to you through email. Contact here to NexGreen. 

NexGreen lawn care service customer reviews

Getting a precise review of NexGreen is difficult online. We made things quite simple for you. We collected all the opinions and reactions of people through various platforms like YouTube comments, Facebook, Reddit, and offline too. Based on people's opinions, we gave ratings to NexGreen for their various lawn care services. 

The following will help you to understand the practical performance of NexGreen lawn care services- 

Customer reviews in favor of NexGreen

We distinguished all the reviews(by customers) in favor of NexGreen lawn care service and tried to make precise ratings-

NexGreen lawn care reviews in USA

Critical reviews of customers of NexGreen 

The following table(based on customer opinions) describes the problems people face during NexGreen lawn care services. We took an average number for the ratings of NexGreen in eyes of their recent customers. 

NexGreen reviews in USA


Although NexGreen is not popular as TruGreen's lawn care service but very similar in providing the best lawn results. They are very professional and work based on eco-friendly materials.

The basic NexGreen lawn care service work in 6 steps that helps the lawn to stay green throughout the year(except in winter). These services are customizable according to need. There is not a very serious complaint against NexGreen lawn care services but have few critical views. 

Sometimes, NexGreen may be too far from your location. Their additional charges are according to your location and the rest of the service charges are similar to others. 

Apart from lawn care services, they provide mosquito spraying services too. For local lawns, NexGreen is a very impressive lawn care service. If you contact their services then they can save you time and provide you with quality results. 

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