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Is Organic Farming profitable in South Africa?

Although people practice on more than 35% of the total land of South Africa as agricultural land. In comparison to this, organic farming is very small in numbers perspective.   Let's understand the scope of organic farming and Is organic farming profitable in South Africa. Is organic farming profitable in South Africa? Let's understand first the recent growth of organic farming and contribution in South African economy and then we will understand the interest of farmers and profit in organic farming. Per annum organic growth in South Africa In South Africa, more than 30% of the population is rural. 2.5% of South African GDP is agriculture-dependent. This is a very small percentage for a country like South Africa.  There are not many options to make a change in South African agriculture structure and techniques.  Although on a fundamental level, it is possible to make a shift from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. It can improve soil fertility and is good for sustaina

Commercial Greenhouse farming in Eastern Cape(SA), making cost, requirements, investment, second-hand greenhouse in South Africa

In those region, where traditional farming is not effective, should try the modern methods of agriculture.  In South Africa, the number of people is increased those are taking interest in greenhouse farming in the last 10 years. Many people want to practice the greenhouse farming at commercial level but they don't have any estimation of investment cost and profit. Let's have an overview of making a greenhouse at commercial level in South Africa. Commercial greenhouse farming in Eastern Cape (SA) Before getting the estimation of investment cost, let's understand the requirements and features of making greenhouses.  Types of making greenhouse(1500 square feet) Here, we mentioned the requirements to make both type one and type two greenhouses. Type one greenhouse and type two greenhouse are almost the same but their structure is of a different material.  Type one greenhouse is made of a metal frame and glass walls, type two greenhouse is made of a wooden frame and poly sh

Drip irigation system, diagram, requirement kit, installation, and cost per acre

Drip irrigation system is a modern method of irrigation. There are multiple reasons behind the discovery of drip irrigation method. The main reason is water shortage and reduce the unnecessary water usage in irrigation. Let's understand what are the sections of drip irrigation and how to install it.  Drip irrigation system in agriculture and cost First we, are going to understand the requirements for drip irrigation system with the help of diagram and various  sections. Diagram and Sections of Drip irrigation system The drip irrigation system works in three basic sections; Storage, water supply control, and dripping water. Storage of water There are two parts to the water storage section. First supply - This supply is direct from the underground water. There are controller valves associated with this to handle the source water supply.   Second supply - The first water supply store the water in further tanks for later use(in case of electricity shortage).  Supply control This supply

Apple farming, project report, yield per acre, investment and profit

An apple tree can live up to 70 years on average. India produces more than 2.3 million tonnes of apples per year. Globally, China is the highest apple-producing country with over 40 million tonnes of apple production.  Apple farming is a profitable business but you can't practice it everywhere.  Let's understand apple farming requirements, yield, and how much it cost you.  Apple farming and production per acre An apple tree starts to produce apples after 4 to 5 years. From the fifth year, one tree can produce around 12 to 15 kg of apples one time in a year.  So what is the round figure or one-acre apple trees? Let's understand- Apple yield per acre in India In one acre land, with the space of 3x3 square meters for a single tree, it is possible to plant 450 apple trees easily. One apple tree produce 12 to 15 kg of apples in a year, it means, 450 trees will produce 5,400 to 6,750 kg of apples in one year.  Apple farming project report Before getting an estimation of investmen

Murrah buffalo, milk per day, price, dairy farming project report for 10 Murrah buffalo

People argue about cow milk and buffalo milk's qualities for health. Some people love cow milk and some like buffalo milk.  Although both kinds of milk are a source of fat, carbohydrates, protein, etc.  It is true that cow dairy farming is a profitable business, but on the same note, it is also true that buffalo dairy farming is a profitable business idea.  One of the most popular buffalo is the Murrah buffalo in terms of starting a dairy farm. So you are going to get full info and a project report to understand the terms of requirements, investment, and profit margin.  Murrah buffalo and milk production  We will start with how to identify Murrah buffalo.  How to identify the Murrah buffalo? Size - Murrah buffaloes are big size animals. The average size of the Murrah buffalo is like a Sahiwal cow and sometimes bigger than that.  Head and horns - Murrah buffalo's head size is average like other buffaloes. The horns are not too big but still thick and curved towards each other. 

Terrace vegetable garden, containers, list, space management, and setup cost

People are becoming aware of the vegetable quality in the market. They know many vegetables are growing in harmful chemical fertilizers.  In urban areas, the land is costly so everyone can't grow vegetables at home. To solve this problem, you can make a terrace vegetable garden at home. You can grow most of the varieties of  vegetables at home Let's understand how can you grow vegetables in the terrace garden with proper space management.  Terrace vegetable garden and setup  To start a vegetable garden on your terrace, you need a proper setup of basic requirements to grow and protect vegetables. Let's understand what are these requirements and how to implement them.  Terrace vegetable garden requirements Soil mixture preparation For every plant vegetable, you need a particular ratio of garden soil, organic compost, and river sand. This mixture combination provide all the necessary elements for initial and further growth to each plant.  Suppose, to grow cauliflower at home,

Rohu fish farming, project report, price, investment, and profit per acre

In terms of protein, vitamin A, B, omega-3, and mercury, Rohu fish is high source of these. Rohu fish contains good amount of fat that provide benefits for human body.  Rohu fish farming business is profitable. According to Rohu fish demand in market, its production is not enough. Although it gives yield at least in 8 months, but still it is highly profitable for business purpose.  Let's look at an overview on requirements, estimated investment and profit per acre on Rohu fishes.  Rohu fish farming The deciding factor of Rohu farming success is the quality of feed, atmosphere, water quality, and mortality rate.  Is Rohu fish farming profitable? In short terms, a big No. In longer terms, Yes. Absolutely. As you can see above data, Rohu fish farming reduces the pond cost and oxygen pumping cost from the total revenue. It means you will get negligible profit on your first harvesting of Rohu fish.  From the second cycle, you just have to invest in your seeds, electricity, maintenance,

Rain water harvesting system, agricultural model, method process, drip irrigation with rainwater harvesting, and requirements

Water shortage become a big problem around the world now. In the future, water shortage can take a destructive form and can stake the life of humans for drinking water. Not even drinking water, also for other usages. To overcome the water shortage problems and conserve water, a rainwater harvesting system is a very impactful model.  Let's understand the rainwater harvesting system and model so that you can implement it on your own.  Rainwater harvesting system for houses A rainwater harvesting system is a method that can be helpful in terms of sustainability. In those regions, where the climate is odd, they face the problem of water shortage as well as hot region people.  It works to collects rainwater and stores it for future use. It can implement in regular houses, shops, buildings, stores, or anywhere where roofs are sloppy.  Let's understand the rainwater harvesting model.  Rainwater harvesting model The rainwater harvesting system model working process completes in multipl

How to grow a lemon tree/plant in pots/containers in pots/containers at home?

In summers, lemon juice is very affective to cool down body temperature, Vitamin-C, kidney stones, reduce body weight, and few other diseases. Its a small fruit but very affective.  You can grow lemon in your gardens too. Actually, lemon tree should be common in all the terrace or ground gardens. So I hope, if you have a garden then you will plant lemon for sure.  Let's understand how to grow lemon in pots at home.  How to grow a lemon tree/plant at home in the garden? Let's start with the requirements to grow lemon first.  Lemon tree farming requirements at home Pots/containers It doesn't make too much difference to choose either cement, soil pots, or plastic bags pots for lemon plants cultivation at home.  For each plant, you need 15 to 20 inches in diameter and a 12 to 15 inches deep pot. One thing common among all these pots is drainage holes to release extra water and moisture from the soil. This unnecessary water can damage the roots and reduce the growth of the lemon

How to grow Dragonfruits in containers/pots terrace gardens at home

Some people confuse between cactus and dragonfruit. But it easy to differentiate them both. A dragonfruit plant produce 4 to 6 dragonfruit in a season. It like summer and high temperature climate conditions.  An average draonfruit weight is 300 to 500 grams. Sometimes it can be over 600 grams. In global markets, dragonfruit is costlier  than any common fruit. It is not easily available everywhere. But it can grow at home gardens/terrace in your house.  Let's understand today how to grow dragonfruit at your terrace garden.  How to grow Dragonfruits at home? Dragonfruit is full of carbs, vitamin C, fibers, and almost zero in fat. It increase the immunity of human body and provide quality benefits quickly.  Methods of growing dragonfruits at terrace garden There are two fundamental methods to grow dragonfruit in the terrace garden. These two methods are differentiated at initial steps and the time period of yield.  Growing dragonfruits from seeds Dragonfruit plants take a longer time

How to grow carrots in pots/containers at home/garden

One of the most common element of our daily consumption is carrot. People eat carrot as salad, as vegetable, soup, and for  many other purposes.  You know that a beginner can grow carrots at home if he is able to take care of plants and aware of circumstances and odd results. Don't worry it is not a difficult task but you have to be active from starting to the end of  the process. How to grow carrots at home or in the garden? I'm convinced that you are here to learn how to grow carrots  at home in containers. Let's start with the requirements first- Requirements to grow carrots at home Carrots can't grow in odd climate conditions, not in odd soil fertility, not even in odd water irrigation. If you want to grow carrots at home, you have to be careful and aware of the various stages of carrot plant growth.  Following are some of the fundamental requirements to grow carrots at home in containers/pots  Type of Containers/pots to grow carrots You can either use black plastic