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Murrah buffalo, milk per day, price, dairy farming project report for 10 Murrah buffalo

People argue about cow milk and buffalo milk's qualities for health. Some people love cow milk and some like buffalo milk. 

Although both kinds of milk are a source of fat, carbohydrates, protein, etc. 

It is true that cow dairy farming is a profitable business, but on the same note, it is also true that buffalo dairy farming is a profitable business idea. 

One of the most popular buffalo is the Murrah buffalo in terms of starting a dairy farm. So you are going to get full info and a project report to understand the terms of requirements, investment, and profit margin. 

Murrah buffalo and milk production 

We will start with how to identify Murrah buffalo. 

How to identify the Murrah buffalo?

  • Size- Murrah buffaloes are big size animals. The average size of the Murrah buffalo is like a Sahiwal cow and sometimes bigger than that. 
  • Head and horns- Murrah buffalo's head size is average like other buffaloes. The horns are not too big but still thick and curved towards each other. 
  • Weight- Average weight of Murrah buffalo is 450 to 500 kg. 
Murrah buffalo farming
  • Behavior- Murrah buffaloes are peaceful animals. They don't hesitate milking to any person or multiple persons. They don't react to any problem mostly but if they are unwell then you can understand it in their eating and walking. 
  • Body structure- Murrah buffalo's body structure is shaped when you see it from behind. Its back from behind is wider and decreases towards the head. 
  • Skin color- Murrah buffalo is total black color. Although it is noticed that a young Murrah buffalo color is zed black but later he gets full black color.  
  • Udder- The ordinary size Murrah buffalo udder is small in size. But in fever, it can hand and become larges if there is any infection or swelling in it. 

Murrah buffalo milk per day

Murrah buffalo produce milk in a lactation period of 250 to 280 days in a year. A healthy Murrah buffalo produce 10 to 15 liters of milk per day. 

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In the ideal conditions, sometimes, Murrah buffalo can produce milk up to 18 liiters. 

Dairy farming project report for 10 Murrah buffalo

It is better to buy one male buffalo with 10 females for milk production. It is required. Otherwise, you will not get any milk from Murrah buffalo. 

Let we start from the requirements to start a dairy farm with 10 Murrah buffaloes.

Requirements to start a dairy farm with 10 Murrah buffaloes

Land required and housing

The housing space should be comfortable for sitting and standing. If your animal feels uncomfortable inside the space it is not good for its mental health.  

3x2 square meter area is comfortable for each Murrah buffalo. For 10 Murrah buffalo, you need a 30x20 square meter area. With included space for feeding, gallery, and water utensil, you need some extra space.  So you need a proper 40x30 square meter area for Murrah buffalo housing.

All the housing walls must have exhaust fans. If you are making a housing shelter an open area and just a roof on platforms, then you have to be aware of maximum and minimum temperatures in summer and winter.

The housing must have proper drainage and space for galleries. Don't cover the housing shelter with metal sheets or black thick poly sheets to make the roof.   

Make proper barricading to distinguish all the Murrah buffalo. 

Feed management 

A young Murrah buffalo consume both green and dry fodder. The production of milk depends on the quality of feed you are providing to your animals.

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In the case of the Murrah buffalo, each one consumes 25 to 30 kg of green fodder daily.  It means, for 10 Murrah buffaloes, 

  • Daily consumption of green fodder- 250 kg
  • Monthly consumption of dry fodder- 7.5 tons
  • Yearly consumption of green fodder- 90 tons

Similarly, a Murrah buffalo consume 5 to 10 kg of dry fodder daily. It means, for 10 Murrah buffaloes,

  • Daily consumption of dry fodder- 50 to 60 kg
  • Monthly consumption of dry fodder- 1,500 kg
  • Yearly consumption of dry fodder- 18,000 kg

Water management 

Murrah buffalo drinks fresh and clean water. If you compromise with water quality then your animals may become unhealthy.  

A young Murrah buffalo consumes 50 to 60 liters of water in a day. For 10 Murrah buffaloes, 

  • Daily consumption of water by 10 Murrah buffaloes- 500 liters
  • Monthly consumption of water by 10 Murrah buffaloes- 15,000 liters
  • Yearly consumption of water by 10 Murrah buffaloes- 1,80,000 liters


Like all dairy farming animals, Murrah buffalo need to be vaccinated after birth. It depends on your veterinary doctor and how many doses he suggests you inject into Murrah buffaloes. 

But it is regulatory for all the dairy farming Murrah buffaloes to get vaccinated. 

Electricity connection

You need electricity in the summers as well as in the winters. Electricity for exhaust, water motors, and fans in summer. In winters, for heaters and water motor for underground water.

Investment in 10 Murrah buffalo dairy farming projects

One time investment

  • Land cost- If you have a parental land then it is good. Otherwise it will cost you a huge amount to buy a 40x30 square meter non-agriculture land for Murrah dairy farming. You need to invest almost 20,00,000 INR. 
  • Housing cost- 5,00,000 INR
  • 10 Murrah buffalo cost- 7,00,000 INR(10x70,000) 

Total cost- 32,00,000 INR

Total cost(if you have parental land)- 12,00,000 INR

Further cycles investment

  • Feeding cost- 5,50,000 INR/year
  • Water cost- 50,000 INR/year
  • Labor cost- 1,20,000 INR/year
  • Vaccination cost- 20,000 INR/year
  • Maintenance cost- 50,000 INR/year

Total cost- 7,90,000 INR/year

From next year, you only have to invest per cycle of lactation cost, land cost, housing cost other one-time costs will reduce from the total investment. 

Second year total cost- 8,00,000 INR

Third year total cost- 8,20,000 INR

Profit of 10 Murrah buffalo dairy farming project

  • Milk production by one Murrah buffalo per day- 12 liters/day
  • Milk Production by 10 Murrah buffalo in a day- 120 liters/day
  • Total milk production per month- 3600 liters/month
  • Total milk production in one lactation(270 to 290 days) by one Murrah buffalo- 320 to 350 liters

Total milk production in one lactation(270 to 290 days) by 10 Murrah buffaloes- 32000 to 35000 liters

  • Market price of 1 liter Murrah buffalo milk- 50 INR/liter
  • The market price of produced milk in a month by 10 Murrah buffaloes- 1,60,000 INR to 1,70,500 INR

Total profit margin in a year from Murrah buffaloes- 16,00,000 INR to 17,50,000 INR

If you already have a parental land, then you will get profit of 7,80,000 to 8,50,000 INR in your first year of Murrah dairy farming. 

If you buy a land for dairy farming, then you are going to be in loss of more than 15,00,000 INR for first two years and then you will get the same profit of 7,80,000 INR to 8,50,000 INR

Total profit margin per month on Murrah buffalo milk production-  65,000 INR to 70,000 INR

How to figure out if Murrah Buffalo is ill?

It is necessary to check the animal's health in dairy farming regularly. In the case of Murrah buffalo, there are certain ways to identify the diseases and fever.

First, you have to check the nose of the animal, if there is sweating, and a runny nose, then there are chances that he has an internal fever. Again, if the animal is chewing with so much effort and not opening the full mouth then surely he is ill.

If you touch the animal, and he is not reacting by shaking his skin, it means he is feeling unwell. If the udder hanging too much it means either animal is old or if he is young and still udder is handing, then surely he is suffering from a kind of fever. 

If there is still some dung left on the buffalo's private part and it is not cleaned then there are chances that the stomach is unwell of the animal. 

Is Murrah buffalo dairy farming profitable?

Most long-term businesses face losses in the first few years to recover the investment cost. It doesn't mean that you are not in profit margin on per cycle investment but your margin went to recover the cost of business establishment. 

Similarly, in Murrah buffalo farming, you can earn satisfactory profit but not for the first few years. From the third year, you will get a profit if you don't have parental land. Land buying cost is the largest in the dairy farming business. 

So it is good to start a dairy farming business on parental land otherwise you have to wait for two years to earn a profit.

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