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5 Methods of sustainable agriculture practices in USA

Without the conservation of natural resources, it is not possible to sustain the future for the upcoming generation. Most of the things in daily life we use contain a major portion of natural resources.  Out dependency on natural resources is increased with time. Currently, we can't live without the use of natural resources. Day by day, these natural resources are extinction because of overuse. Hence, the conservation of natural resources is very important, and this is practiced with sustainable farming implementations.    5 methods of sustainable agriculture practices in USA Although there are many methods of sustainable agriculture we will discuss here the popular 5 methods.   There are some other complementary methods of sustainable farming but they are not used in general conservation of natural resources. Following are some of the major sustainable farming practices we can implement to conserve and improve availability of natural resources- 1. Permaculture Permaculture is the

Mrigal fish farming, project report per acre, mrigal fish price,investment, and profit calculations

One of the most popular fish in demand, Mrigal fish belongs to a similar class of raising fishes like Rohu and Catla.  Most people don't know about the behavior of Mrigal fish that's why they fail in Mrigal fish farming. Let's understand an estimated overview of Mrigal fish farming. You will understand the estimation of requirements, investment, and profit per acre in Mrigal fish farming.  Mrigal fish farming Mrigal fishes are carp fishes and live up to 8 years. These fishes can grow up to 1 meter in length. With this size, it can be up to 10 kg in weight.   Time to harvest Mrigal fish Mrigal fish grow slower than Rohu and Catla fish. These fishes get up to 500 to 700 grams weight in 12 to 14 months. For business purposes, as you can't be too late or you can't be too early, Mrigal fish is harvested between 12 to 14 months.   From next year, Mrigal fish start to lay eggs. Mrigal fish can produce 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 eggs in one season.  Mrigal fish price  Mrigal fish

Paddy crop, Rice cultivation, yield per hectare, requirements, investment and profit per hectare

Paddy or Rice cultivation is a Kharif season traditional and one of the most consuming crops globally.  Let me clear here, paddy are "husk with rice" and we separate rice from the husk.  Paddy crop cultivation needs highly fertile areas to grow. South Asia produces a very large production of paddy. There are many deltas so that there soil is highly fertile.  Let's understand the process of paddy crop cultivation, requirements to grow, investment, and profit per hectare Paddy crop or Rice crop cultivation Paddy or rice plants can become 3 feet tall. After a period, green of rice starts to appear. These greens convert into solid rice paddy after becoming mature.  These mature rice remain in the cover till we separate them with the separating techniques.  Paddy yield per hectare One paddy or rice plant yield in a season- 80 to 100 grains Paddy yield per hectare- 5 to 8 tonnes After husks separation- 4 to 7 tonnes Investment per hectare Paddy seeds- 250 INR(8kg) Fertilizers-

How to grow periwinkle flowers in Pots/containers at home terrace garden

Periwinkle is one of those few garden flower plants that have valuable medical properties. Medically, Periwinkle plant saliva use in treatment of cancer. Periwinkle plant flowers can easily grow in garden pots or direct soil in the garden. These periwinkle plants found in more than 8 colors in nature but few of them are popular. Leaves of periwinkle flowers are found in glossy shining green color. These are very soft and look like they are filled with liquid. Periwinkle plants can live even in the least ideal conditions for a few days.  Grow Periwinkle flowers in pots/containers Before knowing the requirements and process of sowing, you need to understand the nature of Periwinkle plants. These plants mostly bloom flowers in the summer. Mostly, hybrid seeds stop blooming in winters otherwise for the rest of the year, they bloom properly.  Pure periwinkle plants can allow flowers to bloom even in winters. After becoming mature, periwinkle flowers turn into seeds and fall later. These fel

Irrigation pumps in agriculture, various types, price, and working process of water pumps

It is a common problem for farmers to face the irrigation water pump issues. They get confused with the types of irrigation pumps, their prices, and how to choose one irrigation pump for their agricultural irrigation.   Let's discuss the working of irrigation water pumps, their types, price, and what things you should keep aware of while buying an irrigation pump.  Irrigation pumps for agriculture  Irrigation pumps use to supply steady water for irrigation. Pumps provide more kinetic energy to the steady water so that it can flow to the agricultural lands.  These pumps can use to supply underground water, pond water, tank water, river water, etc.  How do irrigation pumps work?  There are several mechanisms of irrigation pumps. These mechanisms work for particular purposes according to the need for irrigation. For example, we have piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, and booster pumps.  These pumps work on the same principle of providing the water with more kinetic en

Sustainable poultry farming in USA, project report, requirements, and outcomes of sustainability

It is not common on present poultry farms to make poultry farms sustainable. At ground level, most poultry farmers ignore the scope of poultry farming because of the success of the poultry business.  Surprisingly, there are less than 1% poultry farms that are highly sustainable. Sustainable poultry farming in USA Some experts criticize sustainable farming as they said that it is not applicable everywhere. Either we can agree with them or we can oppose them. But practically we try to find ways to make things closer to sustainability(even in the least chances of sustainability).  People expect sustainability a complex process. In reality, it is not complex but a bit more time-consuming. Let's understand the sustainability of poultry farming. Is it possible to make poultry farming sustainable in USA? Well, we can make 75% to 90% of poultry farms sustainable. It is because we need vaccines for chickens, poultry farming sheds, and poultry farming tools to manage the other works of poult